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* Merge commit '97111f3e606c7c11dd418c275c3e7c2d69b68a06' into HEADHEADmasterLibravatar Jenkins CI40 hours
| * Override outputs with the workspace commandpatch-for/masterLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2021-01-20
* | Revert "Add workspace {prev,next}_on_output --create"Libravatar Ragnar Groot Koerkamp2021-06-22
* | Only call workspace_auto_back_and_forth when neededLibravatar Ragnar Groot Koerkamp2021-06-18
* | Move auto_back_and_forth logic out of workspace_switchLibravatar Ragnar Groot Koerkamp2021-06-18
* | Fix #6299 Disable auto_back_and_forth for next_on_outputLibravatar Ragnar Groot Koerkamp2021-06-18
* check for workspace command name argLibravatar r-c-f2020-03-24
* Handle seat_get_focused_workspace returning NULLLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-03-12
* Fix crash in cmd_workspace when layer surface has focusLibravatar emersion2019-03-10
* Add workspace {prev,next}_on_output --createLibravatar Drew DeVault2019-02-17
* cmd_workspace_gaps: fix double free on bad amountLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-02-05
* Implement fullscreen globalLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2019-01-25
* Remove now-unused "input" argument of cmd_results_newLibravatar M Stoeckl2019-01-14
* list.c: rename free_flat_list to list_free_items_and_destroyLibravatar Ian Fan2018-12-09
* Replace _XOPEN_SOURCE with _POSIX_C_SOURCELibravatar emersion2018-11-25
* Allow multiple outputs for workspace outputLibravatar Brian Ashworth2018-11-11
* Implement per side and per direction outer gapsLibravatar Brian Ashworth2018-11-07
* Update workspace.cLibravatar ppascher2018-10-25
* Update workspace.cLibravatar ppascher2018-10-25
* Deny several commands when there's no outputs connectedLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-26
* Make workspace back_and_forth seat-specificLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-21
* Consider cursor warp when switching workspacesLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-19
* Fix crash when using workspace back_and_forth with no previousLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-16
* fix_edge_gaps: Allow negative values for outer gaps.Libravatar Tarmack2018-10-13
* Make gaps implementation consistent with i3-gapsLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-09-29
* Rename workspace_outputs to workspace_configs and fix memory leakLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-09-28
* Implement type safe arguments and demote sway_containerLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-09-05
* commands: saner workspace number handlingLibravatar Ian Fan2018-08-18
* commands: check for special workspaces in workspace & move commandsLibravatar Ian Fan2018-08-06
* commands: complete workspace implementationLibravatar Ian Fan2018-08-06
* Update for swaywm/wlroots#1126Libravatar emersion2018-07-09
* Fix cmd_workspace crash when a surface has focusLibravatar Brian Ashworth2018-06-01
* move workspace create to workspace.cLibravatar Tony Crisci2018-04-03
* unify workspace create functionsLibravatar Tony Crisci2018-04-03
* rename seat functionsLibravatar Tony Crisci2018-04-02
* Revert "Merge pull request #1653 from swaywm/revert-1647-refactor-tree"Libravatar Tony Crisci2018-03-29
* Revert "Refactor tree"Libravatar Drew DeVault2018-03-29
* more renaming thingsLibravatar Tony Crisci2018-03-29
* rename container functionsLibravatar Tony Crisci2018-03-29
* move tree includes to their own directoryLibravatar Tony Crisci2018-03-29
* separate seat get focus and seat get focus inactiveLibravatar Tony Crisci2018-02-07
* basic focus overhaulLibravatar Tony Crisci2018-02-04
* Implement workspacesLibravatar Drew DeVault2018-01-30
* Move everything to sway/old/Libravatar Drew DeVault2017-11-18
* remove unnecessary todo itemLibravatar Zandr Martin2017-03-18
* UnGNUify the codebaseLibravatar Drew DeVault2017-03-10
* fix workspace output assignmentLibravatar Zandr Martin2017-03-08
* Fix #1099: Allow spaces in worspace namesLibravatar Calvin Lee2017-03-01
* Handle calloc failuresLibravatar Drew DeVault2016-12-15
* Implement default name for workspace commandLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2016-09-25