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* config.in: change terminal emulator to footLibravatar Drew DeVault2021-05-06
* rephrase swayidle-timout example to improve readabilityLibravatar Jonas Gro├če Sundrup2020-07-12
* Make the default workspace commands compatible with i3Libravatar Wai Hon Law2020-07-11
* Docs: explain why menu command should be passed to swayLibravatar Jason2020-01-13
* config.in: set default term to alacrittyLibravatar Drew DeVault2019-09-25
* Make comment casing consistient Libravatar Nick Paladino2019-05-21
* config.in: allow launch apps with args via dmenuLibravatar 3ap2019-03-12
* config.in: update swayidle/swaylock exampleLibravatar Ian Fan2019-01-14
* fix typo in config.inLibravatar camoz2018-11-19
* fix typo in config.inLibravatar camoz2018-11-19
* Add example status_command to default configLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-08
* config.in: nag user on exitLibravatar Ian Fan2018-08-02
* Implement pid->workspace trackingLibravatar Drew DeVault2018-07-01
* Idle handling for dpms/lockscreen et alLibravatar Mattias Eriksson2018-05-13
* Implement resize commandLibravatar Drew DeVault2018-04-05
* add meson install filesLibravatar Tony Crisci2017-11-30
* Install wallpapers in DATADIR/backgrounds/swayLibravatar Andrew Conrad2017-06-14
* Update config.inLibravatar Drew DeVault2017-04-30
* Use CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_DATA{,ROOT}DIRLibravatar Wouter van Kesteren2016-12-17
* Run config files through sed and install to /etcLibravatar Drew DeVault2016-12-02
* Implement permit and reject commandsLibravatar Drew DeVault2016-12-01