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* common/loop: check return of reallocLibravatar Antonin D├ęcimo2020-07-30
* Replace wlr_log with sway_logLibravatar M Stoeckl2019-01-21
* list.c: rename free_flat_list to list_free_items_and_destroyLibravatar Ian Fan2018-12-09
* list.c: Remove list_foreachLibravatar Ian Fan2018-12-09
* Increase _POSIX_C_SOURCE to 200112LLibravatar sghctoma2018-10-17
* common/loop.c: add _POSIX_C_SOURCE for clock_gettime and CLOCK_MONOTONICLibravatar Cole Mickens2018-10-15
* Event loop: Fix memmove and remove extraneous declarationLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-15
* Event loop: Free fds and fix race conditionLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-15
* Remove timerfd from loop implementationLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-15
* swaylock: Remove indicator after 3 secondsLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-15
* Move swaybar's event loop to common directory and refactorLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-15