path: root/common/ipc-client.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* ipc: fix aligment issue of data bufferLibravatar Antonin Décimo2020-07-30
* ipc-client: remove useless free for failed mallocLibravatar Antonin Décimo2019-08-12
* common/ipc-client: remove ipc recv timeout logLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-05-27
* swaymsg: add timeout and type checksLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-04-17
* Replace wlr_log with sway_logLibravatar M Stoeckl2019-01-21
* Fix backup methods in get_socketpath for IPC clientLibravatar M Stoeckl2019-01-19
* Use static arrays where possible.Libravatar Connor E2019-01-16
* Remove usage of VLAs.Libravatar Connor E2019-01-16
* Remove readline.cLibravatar Ian Fan2019-01-01
* prevent ub caused by misaligned stores/loadsLibravatar taiyu2018-09-02
* ipc-client: fix memory leaks in get_socketpathLibravatar Ian Fan2018-08-06
* Update for swaywm/wlroots#1126Libravatar emersion2018-07-09
* Fix gcc string truncation warningsLibravatar Dominique Martinet2018-04-13
* Allow sway IPC clients to fall back to i3 socketLibravatar Drew DeVault2018-03-29
* sway: change all sway_log to wlr_logLibravatar Dominique Martinet2018-01-05
* UnGNUify the codebaseLibravatar Drew DeVault2017-03-10
* Handle malloc failure in ipc_recv_responseLibravatar Drew DeVault2016-12-15
* Reorganize includesLibravatar Drew DeVault2016-09-01
* Fix to make ipc client code FreeBSD compatible.Libravatar Johannes Lundberg2016-08-30
* common: fix potential buffer overflowLibravatar Eric Engestrom2016-05-01
* Abort when receiving 0 bytes in IPC callLibravatar Mikkel Oscar Lyderik2016-03-22
* Add type to returned response.Libravatar Mikkel Oscar Lyderik2016-01-03
* Subscribe to workspace change events and redrawLibravatar Drew DeVault2015-12-13
* Fix incorrect #include on ipc-client.cLibravatar Drew DeVault2015-11-28
* Add command line to swaygrabLibravatar Drew DeVault2015-11-27
* Move IPC client into common, refactor IPCLibravatar Drew DeVault2015-11-27