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authorLibravatar Brian Ashworth <bosrsf04@gmail.com>2019-09-02 10:39:41 -0400
committerLibravatar Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>2019-09-04 16:48:34 -1000
commit187306640ba8f2ab2f246a5030617ee985cf9223 (patch)
tree8df84318979258b737f6909a1dbd9547f417cf9c /sway/input/seatop_default.c
parentAdd icon_theme_path to find_icon() search if set (diff)
seatop_default: only focus container on press
This matches i3's behavior of only focusing a container when pressed. This allows for `bindsym button1 nop`, `bindsym BTN_LEFT nop`, or `bindcode 272 nop` to be used to disable focusing when clicking on the title (or with additional flags to bind{code,sym} other portions of the container). Without this additional condition, the user would need both `bindsym button1 nop` and `bindsym --release button1 nop` to override both the pressed and released behavior.
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diff --git a/sway/input/seatop_default.c b/sway/input/seatop_default.c
index 11382276..9087434c 100644
--- a/sway/input/seatop_default.c
+++ b/sway/input/seatop_default.c
@@ -400,7 +400,7 @@ static void handle_button(struct sway_seat *seat, uint32_t time_msec,
400 } 400 }
401 401
402 // Handle clicking a container surface or decorations 402 // Handle clicking a container surface or decorations
403 if (cont) { 403 if (cont && state == WLR_BUTTON_PRESSED) {
404 node = seat_get_focus_inactive(seat, &cont->node); 404 node = seat_get_focus_inactive(seat, &cont->node);
405 seat_set_focus(seat, node); 405 seat_set_focus(seat, node);
406 seat_pointer_notify_button(seat, time_msec, button, state); 406 seat_pointer_notify_button(seat, time_msec, button, state);