BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge commit '97111f3e606c7c11dd418c275c3e7c2d69b68a06' into HEADLibravatar Jenkins CI12 hours
v1.7build: bump version to 1.7Libravatar Simon Ser5 months
github-full-debug-logsgithub: don't truncate debug logsLibravatar Simon Ser9 months
gh-pagesSwitch web chat to gamjaLibravatar Simon Ser9 months
v1.6desktop/render: remove unused wlr_gles2_texture_attribsLibravatar Simon Ser11 months
v1.5Use wlroots 0.12.0 for v1.5 CILibravatar Pedro Côrte-Real14 months
footconfig.in: change terminal emulator to footLibravatar Drew DeVault14 months
patch-for/masterOverride outputs with the workspace commandLibravatar Kristóf Marussy17 months
drm-leaseImplement DRM leasing for non-desktop outputsLibravatar Drew DeVault2 years
v1.3Update version to 1.4Libravatar Drew DeVault2 years
1.7sway-1.7.tar.gz  sway-1.7.tar.zst  sway-1.7.zip  Libravatar Simon Ser5 months
1.7-rc3sway-1.7-rc3.tar.gz  sway-1.7-rc3.tar.zst  sway-1.7-rc3.zip  Libravatar Simon Ser6 months
1.7-rc2sway-1.7-rc2.tar.gz  sway-1.7-rc2.tar.zst  sway-1.7-rc2.zip  Libravatar Simon Ser6 months
1.7-rc1sway-1.7-rc1.tar.gz  sway-1.7-rc1.tar.zst  sway-1.7-rc1.zip  Libravatar Simon Ser6 months
1.6.1sway-1.6.1.tar.gz  sway-1.6.1.tar.zst  sway-1.6.1.zip  Libravatar Simon Ser12 months
1.6sway-1.6.tar.gz  sway-1.6.tar.zst  sway-1.6.zip  Libravatar Simon Ser15 months
1.6-rc3sway-1.6-rc3.tar.gz  sway-1.6-rc3.tar.zst  sway-1.6-rc3.zip  Libravatar Simon Ser15 months
1.6-rc2sway-1.6-rc2.tar.gz  sway-1.6-rc2.tar.zst  sway-1.6-rc2.zip  Libravatar Simon Ser15 months
1.6-rc1sway-1.6-rc1.tar.gz  sway-1.6-rc1.tar.zst  sway-1.6-rc1.zip  Libravatar Simon Ser16 months
1.5.1sway-1.5.1.tar.gz  sway-1.5.1.tar.zst  sway-1.5.1.zip  Libravatar Simon Ser20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-06-03desktop: output: fix use-after-free in destroy1.1Libravatar Rouven Czerwinski
2019-06-03Use parent get_root_coords in subsurfacesLibravatar Kenny Levinsen
2019-06-03common/ipc-client: remove ipc recv timeout logLibravatar Brian Ashworth
2019-06-03input/switch: fix indentation of fileLibravatar Brian Ashworth
2019-06-03Update output manager config on all output eventsLibravatar Josef Gajdusek
2019-06-03commands/bar: fix mode and hidden_state at runtimeLibravatar Brian Ashworth
2019-05-21bar: fix segfault with missing or invalid bar id1.1-rc3Libravatar Alyssa Ross
2019-05-21input/keyboard: attempt default keymap on failureLibravatar Brian Ashworth
2019-05-11config/output: fix typo in merge_id_on_name1.1-rc2Libravatar Brian Ashworth
2019-05-11Destroy swaybg client on reloadLibravatar Brian Ashworth