tag name1.7-rc1 (6c2b2d18d61bc20405bbd99320ca58d368e701e0)
tag date2021-12-23 14:52:35 +0100
tagged byLibravatar Simon Ser <contact@emersion.fr>
tagged objectcommit 0e5dda3747...
sway 1.7-rc1
Aleksei Bavshin (1): ipc: make `bar <bar_id> mode|hidden_state` behave as documented Alexander Orzechowski (1): view: Fix null dereference Aljaz Gantar (2): fix type error when class_name none refactor icon_for_window function Bart Pelle (1): docs: fix invalid release signing keys Bartel Sielski (1): idle_inhibit: Fix tree view after changes in commit 152a559e Bartłomiej Burdukiewicz (1): main: removed vc4 detection code. Bill Doyle (1): Only defer seat attachment during initial startup Birger Schacht (1): Fix a couple of typos Caduser2020 (1): Simplify swaybar/swaynag scaling code Christian Llupo (1): README: Added Greek translation Cole Mickens (1): meson.build: require wayland-protocols 1.24 Daniel De Graaf (1): Fix overly-wide mark textures Daniel Eklöf (2): sway: commands: exec: restore SIGPIPE before exec:ing sway: restore SIGPIPE handler before exec:ing swaybar Daniel Otero (1): config: Fix swaybar pango_markup inconsistency David Rosca (3): seatop_down: Change type of sx, sy to double in begin_seatop_down Add `output modeline` command xwayland: Clear wlr_xwayland_surface in handle_destroy Dominique Martinet (1): view_destroy: fix use-after-free with subsurface_destroy Drew DeVault (1): config.in: change terminal emulator to foot Dudemanguy (2): container: ignore borders in fullscreen windows xdg-decoration: let floating clients set borders Dylan Araps (1): Add meson options to enable/disable swaybar and swaynag Elyes HAOUAS (2): desktop/layer_shell.c: Fix misspelled "exclusive" sway-input.5.scd: Fix spelling errors Elyesa (1): Add Turkish README Eric Engestrom (2): cmd_bind_or_unbind_switch: fix copy/paste typo error message sway: allow IPCs on proprietary drivers Erik Reider (1): Added scroll_factor input variable to ipc output Evgeniy Khramtsov (1): commands: Remove unused code after 1d3681f52135 Hugo Osvaldo Barrera (5): grimshot: Exit 1 on cancellation Use fixed titlebar heights Deduplicate code for rendering titlebar texts Avoid unecessary font metric calculations Drop hardcoded font metric values Issam E. Maghni (1): cairo: Replace <cairo/cairo.h> by <cairo.h> István Donkó (1): Add Hungarian translation for the README Ivan Fedotov (1): Add toggle logic inside DPMS handler Jack Byrne (1): Change 'Danish' to 'Dansk' in README James Edwards-Jones (1): swaynag: adds option to set wayland shell layer Jari Ronkainen (1): Improve built-in touchscreen detection Jason Nader (4): swaymsg: use INT_MAX max JSON depth when parsing IPC response swaymsg: be explicit about the json parser error swaymsg: fix misplaced return value refactor: use JSON_MAX_DEPTH everywhere Jonas Große Sundrup (3): clarify the type of raw output change incorrectly documented output types cross-reference further documentation Kenny Levinsen (7): ci: Install libseat meson: libseat is no longer optional Remove usage of surface->sx|sy desktop/render: Pass explicit clip box to render input: Move get_current_time_msec in from util ci: Test wlroots static linking readme: Align Danish translation with main README Kirill Primak (12): view: fix saved buffer order surface: chase wlr subsurface list/link change render: fix -Ddamage=rerender view: fix child position calc xdg-shell: chase wlr xdg toplevel refactor Revert "xdg_shell: schedule configure on maximize requests" xdg-shell: remove unused request_maximize listener layer-shell: chase wlr layer surface refactor layer-shell: check `committed` bitmask layer-shell: fix commit handler container: fix surface_is_popup() output: remove surface buffer damage check Ludvig Michaelsson (1): swaybar: signal status command's process group M.Zeinali (1): readme: use right-to-left marks in ir translation Manuel Stoeckl (3): commands/exec: stop truncating >4095-byte commands Update URL to wlroots project (GitHub->GitLab) Add 'output render_bit_depth [8|10]' command Michael Weiser (1): Prevent use-after-free on first bar subcommand error Nathan Schulte (3): swaybar: properly draw urgent block right border swaybar: properly draw blocks with transparent black border swaybar: fix cairo_font_options leak Nihal Jere (2): config.in: use portable hour specifier config.in: use swaynag -B instead of -b Ragnar Groot Koerkamp (5): Fix #6299 Disable auto_back_and_forth for next_on_output Move auto_back_and_forth logic out of workspace_switch Only call workspace_auto_back_and_forth when needed Revert "Add workspace {prev,next}_on_output --create" Update clang format to better match existing code Rahiel Kasim (1): fix typo in sway-output.5.scd Rasmus Moorats (1): fix cursor input for layer-shell surfaces RoastVeg (1): Handle border width and height on minimum floating sizes Ronan Pigott (12): output: damage whole output when exiting scanout container: retain focus position on floating enable cmd_fullscreen: allow fullscreen on fullscreen split containers workspace: reap empty parents when adding tiles xdg-shell: ignore unecessary fullscreen request ouput hints cmd_fullscreen: ignore fullscreen request on workspaces view: commit transactions for foreign toplevel requests layer_shell: damage previous area when a surface shrinks command: implement split none commands: update split none command for a047b5ee4 output: change output::destroy to output::disable output: emit node::destroy event Rouven Czerwinski (1): view: handle case where map_ws is NULL Sefa Eyeoglu (3): fix: handle NULL from json_tokener_new_ex fix: use sane value for json_tokener max_depth refactor: use sway_abort instead Simon Plakolb (2): input: Use seatop_down on layer surface click seatop_down: End if surface is destroyed or other seatop starts Simon Ser (57): ci: add xcb-util-wm dependency for wlroots Remove advice about Firefox from issue template readme: make it clearer that meson takes a dir as argument build: bump version to 1.6 build: update wlroots dependency version to 0.14.x build: stop checking for logind desktop/render: remove unused wlr_gles2_texture_attribs Remove WLR_HAS_XDG_FOREIGN checks Log wlroots version on startup Avoid creating zero-sized textures for titlebars Use cairo_image_surface_get_stride instead of guessing it Avoid creating zero-sized textures for marks Use execlp("sh") instead of execl("/bin/sh") commands/exec_always: log error on execlp failure Remove support for arbitrary rotations build: remove sd-bus status item readme: switch back to IRC web client Implement xdg-activation-v1 Iterate over subsurfaces below the parent surface build: bump wlroots dependency to 0.15.0 contrib: drop incr_version script build: use meson.global_build_root() build: use Dependency.get_variable instead of get_pkgconfig_variable build: use ExternalProgram.full_path instead of path ci: make Meson warnings fatal tree/container: fix indentation Update wlr_box includes Add support for touch frame events Fix wl_pointer.frame not sent on touch emulation swaybar: exit cleanly when disconnected from IPC swaybar: log Wayland display errors Document view_map Fallback to other output modes if preferred mode fails layer-shell: replace close() with destroy() readme: switch to Libera Chat for ir readme: link to gamja for IRC Rename pango_printf to render_text readme: mention seatd build: remove scdoc stdin/stdout hack Add -Dnoscanout debug option readme: add missing space Add support for DRM panel orientation Chase wlr_xdg_surface breaking changes readme: drop recommendation about packaging Handle present events with NULL timespec field github: don't truncate debug logs Remove --my-next-gpu-wont-be-nvidia Bump RLIMIT_NOFILE Replace wlr_headless_backend_create_with_renderer call build: use list for sdbus dep Delete .clang-format Fixup headless output names Add support for linux-dmabuf surface hints swaynag: remove xdg-output logic swaybar: fix errno handling in status_handle_readable Add cairo_image_surface_create error handling build: bump version to 1.7-rc1 Simon Zeni (4): view: remove reference to wlr_wl_shell_surface introduce wlr_drm_lease_v1 sway: create wlr_renderer and wlr_allocator sway: replace noop_output by fallback_output Tassilo Horn (1): Fix compile after wlroots commit c3e54021f8bbf3ec1c1e5906459be0ae85f5fb8c Tobias Langendorf (1): remove usage of `wlr_texture_get_size` Tobias Stoeckmann (1): Fix crash when starting without HOME Tudor Brindus (2): tree/view: don't give focus to views mapped under fullscreen views desktop/xwayland: restack surface upon activation Vsevolod (1): Add focused_tab_title aajonusonline (1): sway-ipc.7.scd: fix typo apt-ghetto (1): Fix IRC links in READMEs and templates ash lea (1): container: don't set fullscreen on children bR3iN (2): Add `gaps <type> <scope> toggle <px>` command Add smart_gaps inverse_outer command columbarius (1): config: allow whitespaces in config path frogtile (1): man: update Pango font description URL fwsmit (1): desktop/layer_shell: fix centering for opposing anchors grumpey (1): Update Pango font description URL in sway.5.scd lbonn (1): build: subproject support for wayland-protocols mzeinali (1): Add persian README file novenary (1): Don't apply hide_edge_borders to any floating container quinno (1): Fix typo in sway.5.scd sergio (1): details-gackground typo fix siikamiika (3): use node_is_view commands/focus: focus view inside container view: add new container as a sibling of tiled view tomKPZ (1): Add tab dragging functionality xdavidwu (1): swaynag: fix pointer button events on scaled outputs -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEENP+VJs/vDpejQOLkD9574OiPXkgFAmHEf0UACgkQD9574OiP Xkh15Q//XejFn9ZkL0MEGZShT5vltpU7izAFKqORS3g0vgK+qIM7PweYB6zw4lCU FFvTEdsyedNOeDFLILaDLyEyIcs4cheJR8V3ahEdQW+N+6+Z1OWqgglIeC949XxS M/e+DTAAjm23PFnO1307y9iQaqf4syf9jmmHBl7j7jq61oT6brMT5EuU59P088ta NKnbZXPEoBSeEGW5owWK+MCc5rnkSChk6qUg/MtIfWEWKwkCA8UToofkT/207oB6 ofuxVFSxyglp2auLOcvn6ebyakrtIk4ntuBMp2lv9to2esnQH9xUlg2KUy0lkGIK 0ZnOfXKgN5b6TT8qKKaB8cR8YTcfO2WPdsc3UrDHk4zWHoLCPCjbUUKa9wYjUVoM ZOftimj5qXjwpD7wsipzeiY9R3mVhFui0M6KmPADNFlNQBU8WxSe3KwPJl9Solcc 0ooz6KtmRWuFyj6zU/PwurY1bpDUsCz+HhZX+Z544R54pbRD8zpNINoBgT5xUQA0 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