tag name1.6.1 (8b3621a02585a717b37e908956b1902884897e3b)
tag date2021-06-24 18:28:25 +0200
tagged byLibravatar Simon Ser <contact@emersion.fr>
tagged objectcommit 3b1effdfa5...
sway 1.6.1
This new release adds compatibility with wlroots 0.14, and contains a few bug fixes. Bill Doyle (1): Only defer seat attachment during initial startup Dominique Martinet (1): view_destroy: fix use-after-free with subsurface_destroy Issam E. Maghni (1): cairo: Replace <cairo/cairo.h> by <cairo.h> Kenny Levinsen (6): ci: Install libseat meson: libseat is no longer optional Remove usage of surface->sx|sy desktop/render: Pass explicit clip box to render input: Move get_current_time_msec in from util ci: Test wlroots static linking Michael Weiser (1): Prevent use-after-free on first bar subcommand error Ronan Pigott (2): workspace: reap empty parents when adding tiles view: commit transactions for foreign toplevel requests Rouven Czerwinski (1): view: handle case where map_ws is NULL Simon Ser (9): build: update wlroots dependency version to 0.14.x build: stop checking for logind Remove WLR_HAS_XDG_FOREIGN checks Log wlroots version on startup Iterate over subsurfaces below the parent surface ci: stick to wlroots 0.14.0 Avoid creating zero-sized textures for titlebars Avoid creating zero-sized textures for marks build: bump version to 1.6.1 Tobias Langendorf (1): remove usage of `wlr_texture_get_size` Tudor Brindus (1): tree/view: don't give focus to views mapped under fullscreen views fwsmit (1): desktop/layer_shell: fix centering for opposing anchors -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEENP+VJs/vDpejQOLkD9574OiPXkgFAmDUsxMACgkQD9574OiP XkgwxxAAoILwB7NTj0KtoDvIdiQbWCG1dZy2m0Xqk8p5ky+0wiSYWVaxh6cjYlG3 vfyAq+uptCmC1GmooGuVUigBHUL/LsAoJlLWvhfPG3ArAwlvD/v/M5408eOMSmWh W+5xT4/Al6xQMcdw3h+yON5VJnjhEtJFY/pZJ+6lEm4IwAgMcRpDt4i7Q0RVqXs0 7lJMrwksauDnW4Gn5K0bIeDaLziytgfTUSnCdd6m6D/hf+2y4jaBPTJ9by52Pc4r +0eWO5Ry4kjyXlPHKhO6quzWXVomxJRdgozjvSRPEWZBahW1BRzhiMNUeDrguCa0 MhPk2vRXee/yOCMdUrqAn53dZo7nnSqUswF90I/mFsI9Dg6pGgcS5c0Lq4I1QRu+ 4+2UQPFVFDt2ncfPq3/uUJRqdD4Oz/NU/GfDzMSLs4QIyrkhMZCifHdWR1vdl+Vk 17H6JsPpus43sdVDTAtWv1PlZnTmSEFXaIvo52hqHHhcuN9Ujl2qJZU4KTv5fjum otEjbTvYV6ViQWHgCrXQkDtafvj4wGalfqYfs+2KJPZ+LYDNuJ9rD7jLbDs2TeD0 QNrItlctaoi6ND62h1KOdp3aJPC9ERmgSoP6290NaeWYzLuFLT812E0EEIJF9TdG RKJtqQYoJ2heAhdRemGntlLi65lsxs1T90ct0p93JVt+tg1SJ1s= =ZNPv -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----