tag name1.6 (9915ce5f1460f71396638b5fafeeb55899011ca7)
tag date2021-04-07 21:45:25 +0200
tagged byLibravatar Simon Ser <contact@emersion.fr>
tagged objectcommit be4b92c6b1...
sway 1.6
Aleksei Bavshin (1): xdg-foreign: add v1 and v2 implementations Andri Yngvason (4): desktop: output: Scale custom output refresh rate input: Clean up input_method_relay in seat_destoy() input/seat: Clean up focus_stack in seat_destroy() input/seat: Reset command handler context in seat_destroy() Antonin Décimo (6): Fix typos in man page. ipc: fix aligment issue of data buffer cmd/bar/colors: fix dereference of null pointer Log empty value if envvar is not defined Fix incorrect format specifiers common/loop: check return of realloc Arav K (1): Fix swaybar tray for non-systemd BrassyPanache (2): Re-focus on parent surface if it is available Adhere to ICCCM focus specification Brian Ashworth (3): ISSUE_TEMPLATE: Use the newer issue templates input/libinput: remove input type property bias input/keyboard: fix Group# bindings for keyboard groups Campbell Vertesi (1): Add note on quoting to swaymsg manpage Charmander (1): swaybar: allow status line cleanup to proceed when hidden Daniel De Graaf (1): commands/resize: don't consider 1px resizes to be invalid Daniil (1): Update Russian translation David96 (2): Make focus_follows_mouse work when hovering a layer-shell surface on another output Add missing transaction commits to seatop_default Dimitris Triantafyllidis (3): Smart borders fix: always show borders for floating containers In container_split, set a floating container's view to tiled Fix #5643, #5064: rounding issues in floating-point -> integer conversions Drew DeVault (3): Remove .github/FUNDING.yml Remove Patreon links from README.*.md CONTRIBUTING.md: Add note on sway's scope Falke Carlsen (1): Fix typo in README.dk.md Fenveireth (1): swaybar: use text subpixel antialias only where it would look good Geoffrey Casper (2): Reload command now matches i3's implementation server: Avoid using "wayland-0" as WAYLAND_DISPLAY See https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland/weston/-/merge_requests/486 Hubert Hirtz (1): Document required '\n' in swaybar-protocol Isaac Freund (1): Drop gtk-primary-selection support Jan Beich (2): protocols: sync wlr-layer-shell-unstable-v1 with wlroots ci: enable basu on freebsd Jan Palus (1): Align ordering of core node properties with i3 John Mako (1): check parent surface before it is destroyed Jonas Große Sundrup (1): rephrase swayidle-timout example to improve readability Jonas Hohmann (1): Fix minor typos in German README Kenny Levinsen (28): desktop/output: Disable head if mode is NULL swaynag: Use position from wl_pointer.enter view: Save surface x and y on saved buffers transaction: Move centering to view_center_surface shells: Only center tiled views on size change shells: Align geometry change commit handling view: Read geometry directly in view_update_size input: Only commit transactions when necessary input: Commit transactions in seatop_default transaction: Only wait for ack from visible views transactions: Amend pending transactions container: Move pending state to state struct render: Use current instead of pending fullscreen container: Add container_is_current_floating view: Recursively check mapped of view_child tree view: Mark subchildren as unmapped in view_child_destroy view: Set parent for view_child subsurfaces on init transaction: Note if instructions are server requests transaction: Remove unused ready_immediately shells: Update comment about size change on commit render: Clip surfaces to container bounds container: Limit tiled focus to container geometry container: Add view_container_content_at swaybar: Use position from wl_pointer.enter ci: Update alpine xwayland package name view: Handle NULL role object when role is set idle_inhibit: Store wlr inhibitor instead of view view: subsurface NULL check in view_from_wlr_surface Konstantin Pospelov (2): exec: fix validation during config reload Check the output state for recorded workspaces Ludvig Michaelsson (1): swaybar: don't expand separator_block_width if separator is false Manuel Stoeckl (4): desktop/layer_shell: Fix allocation type mismatch Declare all struct cmd_handler arrays const Make Wayland request listeners static const when possible Make command line option lists const Mark Stosberg (2): swaymsg.1: correct typo grimshot: document support for piping to STDOUT. Martin Michlmayr (1): Fix typo in bug reporting template Michael Weiss (2): meson.build: Fix the version format contrib/_incr_version: Disallow the "v"-prefixed version format Michaël Defferrard (1): readme: link to the development doc Mukundan314 (1): Fix #5940 Mustafa Abdul-Kader (1): swaynag: add details background option Nick Diego Yamane (1): seat/dnd: support null drag icon surfaces Nils Schulte (2): moved and renamed movement-unit parsing to common added ppt unit to move position command Paul Riou (2): common: make 'lenient_strcmp' arguments const criteria: fix crash when comparing NULL properties Pi-Yueh Chuang (1): swaybar: silence missing IconThemePath message Pierre-Albéric TROUPLIN (1): Prevent inactive-windows-transparency.py to crash on lockscreen Quantum (2): render: scale titlebars correctly when straddling outputs render: handle containers without output when rendering titles Rex Hackbro (4): fix typos fix force_display_urgency_hint parsing document force_display_urgency_hint document parse_error Ronan Pigott (28): input: implement xdg_toplevel interactive resize hints xdg_shell: schedule configure on maximize requests sway.5: add missing underscore view: display scratchpad hidden containers when activated by ftm commands: disallow runtime include view: implement foreign toplevel fullscreen indicator view: implement foreign toplevel fullscreen request view: remove foreign toplevel listeners on destroy seat: use default output mapping if there is no input config tiling_drag: emit window move ipc events tiling_resize: abandon resize if a sibling con dies commands/move: fix crash when moving sphsc child xdg_shell: allow views to change geometry anytime ci: fix archlinux builds container: don't split single children commands/layout: don't change the layout of workspaces with children Revert "commands/move: maintain workspace_layout when moving" Change workspace_layout to match i3 behavior commands/move: rework container_move_in_direction introduce workspace_squash commands/move: squash workspace after directional con move commands/move: reset geometry of promoted containers workspace: rework workspace prev|next like i3 container: set fullscreen mode before attempting focus cmd_move: update container representation in sibling swaps swaymsg: use 3 digits for fractional part of the refresh rate config/output: correct refresh rate rounding error output: damage whole output when exiting scanout Rouven Czerwinski (4): input/cursor: reset event source after unhide cursor: arm cursor hide timer immediately cursor: update hide timer during config apply ISSUE_TEMPLATE: the wiki is community maintained Simon Ser (46): seat: fix segfault in sway_input_method_relay_set_focus Don't set xwayland cursor when wlr_xwayland failed Unset DISPLAY when wlr_xwayland fails tree/view: fix segfault in view_update_title config/output: don't change output state before commit Assert output is found before removing from list Bump wlroots dependency to 0.11.0 Bump version to 1.5 Handle SIGINT Use wlr_output_event_commit build: bump wlroots dependency to 0.12.0 Replace wlr_key_state with wl_keyboard_key_state Add missing includes for wlr_input_device.h Log which output is using direct scan-out Handle secondary headless backend failures build: use WLR_HAS_* to decide whether suid is required build: introduce sd-bus-provider option build: add basu as sd-bus provider Route wlroots logs into Sway logging infrastructure common/log: write log importance readme: releases are signed with E88F5E48 readme: remove link to non-existing wiki page readme: use references for links Test output before direct scan-out Remove create_renderer_func argument Remove call for action from WM enhancement issue template readme: remove unused ref man: update maintainer desktop/xwayland: use index constants for atom array Switch to wlr_xdg_surface_for_each_popup_surface Rename output_layer_for_each_surface_{toplevel,popup} protocols: update layer-shell-unstable-v1 to v4 Raise verbosity of error message in load_main_config Log when config file is not found readme: update French translation build: use wlroots dependency variables Fix wl_shm_format passed to wlr_texture_from_pixels build: stop cargo-culting assignment alignment man: document `input XXX map_to_output *` Automatically map built-in touchscreens/tablets to built-in panels xwayland: simplify override-redirect focus restoration build: update version to v1.6-rc1 build: update version to v1.6-rc2 ci: add xcb-util-wm dependency for wlroots build: bump to version v1.6-rc3 build: bump version to 1.6 SpizzyCoder (1): Changed fprintf(stdout,...) to printf(...) for more readable code Tadeo Kondrak (6): text_input: Ignore text_input disable from unfocused windows text_input: Only send surrounding_text and content_type if supported text_input: Add support for focusing layer-shell surfaces Fix incorrect damage being applied on popups build: Add dependency on libdrm output: Reconfigure xcursor when applying output config Tamir Zahavi-Brunner (1): hide_cursor: Add an option to hide when typing Tarmack (1): Add support for workspace_min_width bar option. Thayne McCombs (2): Keep windows in bounds on move to position mouse Use wlr_output_layout_output_at to get output for move to cursor Tobias Langendorf (2): Fix X11 clients getting stuck minimized xwayland: support views that change override-redirect status Tudor Brindus (23): Minor wording changes in Romanian README.md translation commands/move: unwrap workspace container on move to new workspace commands/move: maintain workspace_layout when moving input/cursor: don't send wl_pointer.motion event on pointer unlock warp input/pointer: update cursor activity after updating button counts desktop/render: show indicators for top-level split commands/move: fix single-split escaping on move input/cursor: default tablet lens tool to relative motion input/tablet: add tool_mode option to set tablet tools as relative input xwayland: listen to `set_geometry` event transaction: don't reconfigure X views unless integral coords changed transaction: validate X transaction completions by geometry, not size transaction: make transaction collapsing smarter with > 2 views input: remove motion deltas from seatop callbacks commands/focus: force container warp when fulfilling `focus mode_toggle` input: fully change focus when scrolling tabs/stacks input/seatop_default: consider fullscreen views to have no edges tree/container: introduce `container_is_sticky[_or_child]` functions Small wording change to README.ja.md input/cursor: unhide cursor on synthetic input commands/move: don't flatten on move; reap empty former parent instead swaybar: use INT_MAX max JSON depth when parsing IPC response swaybar: fail gracefully on tokener creation fail Vinko Kašljević (1): Add check for empty GEOM variable Vlad Pănăzan (1): Add layer shell subsurfaces Vyivel (1): output: simplify layer surface iteration Wai Hon Law (1): Make the default workspace commands compatible with i3 William Culhane (1): grimshot: Fix man page issues columbarius (1): config: allow whitespaces in config path ftilde (1): Fix for_window criteria and mouse button bindings fwsmit (1): Implement foreign toplevel fullscreen output hints heitor (2): update portuguese README (fix typos, update informations...) fix typo lbonn (1): focus: beyond fullscreen when focused explicitly mwenzkowski (3): container: Fix NULL pointer dereference output: evacuate sticky containers only if new output has a workspace output: Revert implementation of evacuate_sticky() oliver-giersch (1): swaynag: adds option to separately specify the text color for buttons wb9688 (1): Replace unprintable characters in input device id xdavidwu (1): Implement input method keyboard grab Érico Rolim (1): swaymsg.1: expand tip for multi-word strings. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEENP+VJs/vDpejQOLkD9574OiPXkgFAmBuDC8ACgkQD9574OiP Xkgj/RAAk/d4njurvZGXk+pEsdI/dy7UftRVDl8shh8/PuJ3nwTqQE+nwKrBDCWn a8Aimq03qVgEvvwd7j8YYsTss1yK/7X/MUOWu4mMANXn8dPYBsJKBblTuB16eEDE NQxB6cPrzOWXGmPC3I+4WRQ5eYwLVimzUTEP9eS8zmh0ySl+uf9PEQKSeztsLDZR l8Rf35rlfQf1e/M/qrykDjwRllUwNt4G/ZfxPeHjhCOmT3n2r052Fa68JbyZ5WK1 9AgyzClgtcv5VOvw5uLiRPAJtaz1D1Ge+5GVfosVv5wZog99GB3u3/R64vDyIqyd KYmGevw4TEpUQ+2ukHzJwFJUcbUql931AWCc/yloOaYfbQ8tvAE/uBBTI0G+tN4w /jSLGvRkPl+GKP8fTjPAIZ0DEOY7zBQj2Fw2/nV03v/VOdMz8VlKJ52zA8GUm3AV MlimJwpzf/uMGH+j2U4fPbCnJ/jk65HbKcP+uBDMXb6Y7GskM72fJWwCvK5XEnO6 dSmh3FNO/LZzewj/kVuoFVdqfLBHQOm6XGvu+ZsaA3gJEus4syqATZ+IVZ66v1+s iqDmGdLNG2G+9OFefQ/Et/qkTCAAuMXjloloutAQvMk51ZI4scEjlHQtBWBBmNlK 5tIuxdDTqkTzBZwkIxXOzUl9+vWt1gtv+G/50HOJM5iPHbQCFrw= =9P2/ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----