tag name1.5-rc1 (39650a41cbc7ce46aa791a9de618c023f4086099)
tag date2020-06-24 19:30:37 +0200
tagged byLibravatar Simon Ser <contact@emersion.fr>
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sway 1.5-rc1
Sway 1.5-rc1 contains 258 changes from 76 contributors. Adam Kürthy (2): Take window borders into account when resizing floating windows Really fix floating window border resize problems Aleksei Bavshin (1): Adjust focus order to match rendering order of layer shell popups. Alex Maese (2): Add ability to remove the floating modifier Add documentation for floating_modifier Anders (1): criteria: match containers without view Andri Yngvason (6): input: Assign virtual input devices to their selected seats swaynag: Add multi-seat support swaybar: Fix input device removal input: Map virtual-pointer to the requested output input: Mark virtual devices as such input: keyboard: Never group virtual keyboards. Bill Doyle (1): Only destroy swaybar surface via ipc when needed Bor Grošelj Simić (1): input: implement cycling through keyboard layout list Brian Ashworth (20): render: do not render indicator on floating views input/cursor: handle image surface destroy input/cursor: handle setting a NULL image surface view: remove workspace pid mapping for assigns container: add inactive fullscreen to focus stack desktop/output: fix mem leak in handle_new_output output: apply oc to outputs using wl_for_each_safe container_at_{tabbed,stacked}: check x-axis bounds config: fix validation exit code and log level cmd_swap: fix test_mark condition output: fix updating output manager config tree/view: do not attempt enter on hidden child input_cmd_events: add support for input types Revert "Don't apply exclusive zones of unmapped layer-shell surfaces" sway.5: correct description of workspace [number] ISSUE_TEMPLATE: note debug logs should be from TTY input: reset keyboard groups keyboard on reset all input: fix reloading crash due to keyboard group configuring seat_cmd_cursor: emit frame events input/keyboard: wlr_keyboard_group enter and leave Cassandra McCarthy (1): integer scaling, not integral Cyril Levis (2): Add the possibility to capture only one screen if several screens are use. Change wording Damien Tardy-Panis (1): Add views idle inhibition status in get_tree output David Arnold (2): grimshot: Unary operator expected grimshot: fix POSIX compliance David96 (4): Render layer shell popups over the top layer Don't transfer focus to NULL node on touch Don't unhide cursor on touch events Implement pointer simulation if client hasn't bound to touch Dennis Schridde (1): Document input selector precedence Di Ma (4): Fix a use-after-free error in switch binding Fix a use-after-free error in switch binding Fix a use-after-free error in switch binding Fix a use-after-free error in switch binding Dominique Martinet (3): swaynag: fix segfault on exit when arguments are not correct swaynag: exit on wl_display_roundtrip error build: make completions respect install prefixes Drew DeVault (3): Update wlroots version Update version to 1.4 Implement wlr-foreign-toplevel-management-v1 Ejez (1): Correct typo in sway-output.5.scd Eli Schwartz (3): meson: use join_paths to build paths, instead of string concat completion: use pkg-config to get install location for bash/fish fish-completion: use the correct fallback directory Eric Engestrom (1): bash completion: swaymsg accepts --version, not --verbose Graham Christensen (1): swaynag: allow specifying more buttons which execute and dismiss Hristo Venev (2): Do not truncate pointer coordinates to int. swaybar: fix i3bar relative coordinates when scaling is used Hugo Osvaldo Barrera (7): grimshot: Allow configuring default directory grimshot: Avoid screenshots overwriting each other grimshot: Show usage when on invalid command grimshot: Allow manually picking a window grimshot: Add a separate flag for notifications grimshot: Add a man page grimshot: Skip creating a temp file when copying Ian Fan (6): ipc: add missing required properties swaybar: fix memory leaks tray: better errors when parsing index.theme tray: allow themes to inherit from multiple themes tray: tidy code tray: track SNI callbacks Ian Huang (1): interpret "subpixel none" as CAIRO_ANTIALIAS_GRAY Ihor Kalnytskyi (1): scdoc: unbindcode --input-device, not input-device JR Boyens (1): Use transparency arg in the window focus event Jamelly Ferreira (2): Adding a version of README.md in Portuguese Adding the link to the Portuguese on the English version of README.md James Mills (1): Fix typo in swaybar-protocol.7.scd Jan Beich (1): common/log: bump POSIX version used after e81d9fde667e Jason (2): Docs: explain why menu command should be passed to sway Update fish completions Jason Nader (12): Amend typo commands/move: Fix crash when required args not provided Check argc>0 before strcasecmp. Should shortcircuit Docs: Add marks field to get_tree response i3compat: add `window_type` to IPC response i3compat: add `window_type` to IPC response ipc-server: improve error message Limit workspace numbers within 0..INT32_MAX commands/bind.c: remove unnecessary check sway/input/cursor.c: move NULL check to where it should be sway/input/cursor.c: fix undefined behaviour when event is NULL i3-compat: add GET_BINDING_STATE IPC command Josh Shone (1): Fix hit test for floaters that cross outputs Kalyan Sriram (1): Save transform during transaction Kenny Levinsen (7): Simplify repaint scheduling documentation view: Save all buffers associated with view view: update_size should only update pending size transaction: Account for full size when centering content transaction: Improve transaction commentary container: Remove useless surface dimensions shells: Resize on commit if geometry x/y changes Leo (2): Fix redundant call to seat_send_focus() im: Fix crash when im destorying and no focused surface exists Leon Plickat (1): change apply_exclusive() to closer match layer shell protocol Linus Heckemann (1): add --no-repeat option for bindings Lucas M. Dutra (1): fix typo Luke Drummond (2): swaynag: sway_abort on failure to properly register swaybar: ensure correct init order for status_line Martin Dørum (1): swaybar: Fix scrolling with precise trackpads Martin Michlmayr (2): sway.5: make formatting more consistent Fix typos in comments Michael Weiser (5): config: Fix typo in reload bindsym flag bitmask input: Add support for keyboard shortcuts inhibit commands: Add shortcuts_inhibitor command commands: Adjust style in cursors command commands: Add per-view shortcuts_inhibitor command Milkey Mouse (1): swaybar: add NULL check when listing workspaces Nathan Rossi (1): ipc: Handle unsupported binding event types Nick Diego Yamane (1): input/seatop_default: properly notify pointer leave Olivier Fourdan (1): input: Avoid creating the PAD device multiple times Paul Ouellette (1): Fix some mistakes in grimshot docs Pedro Côrte-Real (3): Avoid numerical instability in resize Make sure we don't calculate fractional pixel gaps Make all the container dimensions integers Ronan Pigott (8): commands/split: Fix error message typos ipc-json: Remove unnecessary dereference sway-input.5: Document repeat_delay and repeat_rate only once sway.5: Document missing bindsym flags for unbindsym Fix crash when showing scratchpad hidden split containers cmd_move: Fix crash when moving to scratchpad hidden split containers cmd_split: Refuse to split scratchpad hidden split containers view: fix surface_new_subsurface use-after-free Ross Schulman (1): Fix small typo in sway-input(5) Rouven Czerwinski (3): xwayland: handle size_hints == NULL output: remove damage listeners in damage destroy input/seatop_default: release on empty workspace Ryan Dwyer (1): Introduce pid criteria token Simon Ser (44): Fix unreliable scaling filter Revert "Make all the container dimensions integers" Fix seat_set_focus_layer crash when disabling output Fix output scale auto-detection Call apply_output_config instead of output_enable Stop calling apply_output_config from output_enable Apply the output scale filter after the output commit Fix output transform anticlockwise Fix output transform rotation direction Specify that output transform applies clockwise rotations Fix get_int_prop(WINDOW_TYPE) crash Don't apply exclusive zones of unmapped layer-shell surfaces Add support for wlr-output-power-management-unstable-v1 Make handle_destroy and output_repaint_timer_handler static Only schedule a frame if client has requested a frame callback Drop sway_output.surface_needs_frame Use wlr_client_buffer Add an adaptive_sync output command Add adaptive_sync_status to output IPC reply common/log: improve time prefix readme: git is an optional dependency Fix output mode usage Change focus_on_window_activation default to urgent Update for new wlr_buffer API Stop checking wlr_output_attach_buffer return value Introduce test_output_config Add test-only support to wlr-output-management-unstable-v1 ci: don't build scdoc ci: remove epoll-shim hardcoded pkg-config file Fix initial modeset Don't add disabled outputs back to output layout Use bitshifts for bitfields Implement create_output command for headless backend Restrict relative output transforms to runtime changes man: add note about sway-input and sway-output pages Redirect questions to wiki/IRC build: improve feature summary Don't assert the cursor theme loads Fix invisible cursor on startup Add a secondary headless backend Log Sway version on startup Remove view child surface_{map,unmap} listeners on destroy Add support for viewporter Update version to 1.5-rc1 Some Chinese Guy (3): Added focus following for touch_down switched to setting focus with seat_set_focus swapped hiding the cursor and sending a touch event as a more logical sequence Tadeo Kondrak (1): Null check sway_layer_surface when checking damage Teddy Reed (1): Fix ordering of setgid and setuid Thayne McCombs (1): Add missing items to documentation for GET_TREE response in ipc. TheAvidDev (1): Add wayland_client dependency to common Thomas Hebb (3): config: fix unfocused text color Add each view's shell to JSON description Use new wlroots API for clearing keyboard/pointer focus during grabs Till Hofmann (1): Avoid calling strcmp on nullptr Tobi Fuhrimann (1): Reference wev instead of xev Torstein Husebø (1): treewide: fix typos Tudor Brindus (42): input/cursor: correctly send tablet_v2 up event when over non-v2 surface input/cursor: fix jerky resizing of non-tablet_v2 surfaces input/cursor: fix hide cursor timeouts on tablets and touchscreens config/output: reconfigure input devices on new output input/cursor: correctly transfer focus when using tablet pen config/output: reconfigure input devices after full output init input/tablet: query tablet focused surface for cursor image check Add debug symbol stack trace note to ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md input/cursor: release simulated tool tip button when over v2 surface input/cursor: make cursor rebasing cursor type-agnostic input/cursor: disambiguate cursor functions from pointer functions input: refactor tablet motion into seatop handler input: rename pointer handlers to be unambiguous input/cursor: remove erroneous cast for tablet tool button input/keyboard: use wlr_keyboard_keymaps_match from wlroots input/tablet: simplify parameter plumbing for tablet references input/cursor: don't apply pointer constraint to emulated tablet input input/pointer: only warp cursor when the confine region has changed common/log: use bright black rather than black for SWAY_DEBUG input/tablet: add seatop_down entry for tablet input input/cursor: fix heap-buffer overflow in constraint set_region input/cursor: keep reference to cursor in constraint Log Xwayland startup failures input/pointer: send pointer enter event on confine warp ipc: invert output transformation when necessary input/cursor: rename `simulated_tool_tip_down` to be more accurate tree/container: refactor `tiling_container_at` to check bounds xwayland: pass focus to previous unmanaged surface on unmap input/cursor: refactor tablet tool tip events into seatops common/util: fix `get_current_time_msec` returning microseconds tree/container: introduce `container_toplevel_ancestor` helper input/tablet: allow moving floating tablet v2 surfaces by pen input input/tablet: allow moving tiling tablet v2 surfaces by pen input input: tweak resize behavior to not change tab focus on border click tree/view: fix smart gaps when ancestor container is tabbed or stacked input/tablet: focus appropriate node on tip down input/pointer: don't trigger pointer bindings for emulated input input/cursor: send idle events based off device type, not input type input/pointer: don't trigger pointer bindings for emulated input input: disable events for map_to_output devices when output not present input/seat: don't notify keyboard grabs with NULL surface on shutdown input_cmd_click_method: fix typo in error text Yorick van Pelt (1): Fix crash: use wlr_output->name instead of possibly missing oc->name jhalmen (1): fix typos in sway-input.5.scd lbonn (1): ipc: show marks of containers without view in tree r-c-f (1): check for workspace command name arg rinpatch (1): sway.5: fix missing background scaling mode in a block example roshal (1): add dots to man salkin-mada (1): add danish README skip-yell (1): Add Korean README.md taminaru (1): Add Romanian translation thermitegod (1): Fix compiling with -fno-common xdavidwu (5): Port input method and text input from rootston input-method: remove surface listener before set input-method: avoid and log unneeded set_focus im: make text-input listeners per text-input im: remove listener on pending surface destoryed Érico Rolim (2): security.d: remove directory Remove code related to the security features -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAABCAAdFiEENP+VJs/vDpejQOLkD9574OiPXkgFAl7zlqkACgkQD9574OiP XkirLhAAyeaol0bzebpxvSG5zEXqmC21EjEymYcd/2J1bUsRwsOx8vEh5WjfmSs4 TxOBtKRg27FK4pzlek4XkV8RpVwAV0MQEv3e/EgPk5SIdGhdIP+1+TGF1IXnYeHA BqmJrPwWA8/HICKG2fjjXPVBdc+Tm/iapQuOf/oA94EbgawHBdMPjjHWq5ryX9sv +bIqPYcZZAR1qCWdS4hS9nTxfn/WljCWnkK8iRkpZgpDQakXF1VNM3qukE0ZhcSp kiKdK+59Fv5iM7nXYyuGCgkf+H6tiEsYu7v7IVXv4C42Xg5V105GVjWeQ6eZyPnn NtuH+zFMjvfjM8mHbCxrRHWEOStehRRl9sHqa++gknGZSeM+yq3lKGWKfGX7Kf+Q 1CRSQc3r12HQcsd9KIZ6nYJpBJny7B+S6dTmaQY8/sF0hdJvqOTUIVmK2L6gejkI 932aWeC2D9yfSR7YKKra9KljOydELfZAHX1AHExCQzkEL/HHcgyJQ6MS5k2OxWao DAItJ0BzNuNcWdjXTBaAKs7wZlsRvXF+Kz7n+c2YkDhh7xJbh36kn2Ce7mg9v7rd GNK2GmgBqLRYULWhCu21bwR0KmHfMGctyF7R5l6Eg4jtFAKwveOWePxDn9/Q46Lz kfc6ddzqcbP4WGTmM7sQZdqFl2kJQn7zUD6N0rHC1UT9hMTKV7w= =pUWd -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----