tag name1.4 (b4089f1ab569e40fbbc27f57b02d64dad04468c3)
tag date2020-01-22 13:33:29 -0500
tagged byLibravatar Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>
tagged objectcommit f681d52939...
sway 1.4
A. M. Joseph (1): xwayland.c handle_map(): NULL out xsurface->data() to prevent crashing. Aleksis (1): remove unused layer shell surface variable Andri Yngvason (2): input: Assign virtual input devices to their selected seats swaybar: Fix input device removal Antonin Décimo (5): ipc-client: remove useless free for failed malloc input: check pointer against nullptr view_update_size: fix surface_width/height mismatch Fix memory leaks Remove redundant checks Arkadiusz Hiler (1): Fix syntax in examples in sway-output(5) Ben Brown (2): Fix typo for the force/immediate option in xwayland_mode enum Add icon_theme_path to find_icon() search if set Benjamin Cheng (2): input/cursor: pass gesture events to clients input/cursor: remove gesture listeners in destroy Brian Ashworth (42): workspace: prefer identifiers for output priority handle_seat_node_destroy: do not focus own node workspace: do not destroy if any seat is focusing swaymsg.1: add tip about two hyphens for commands container_replace: copy {width,height}_fraction workspace_split: focus middle if workspace focused sway{,-bar}.5: add link to pango font description input/seatop_down: add axis handler input/keyboard: send released only if pressed sent cmd_xwayland: add force for immediate launch sway.5: remove mention of floating_scroll cmd_move: fix move to scratchpad hidden container cmd_mode: don't reset to default after subcommand seatop_default: only focus container on press swaybar: complete barconfig_update event handling sway.5: clarify that a marks are unqiue view: always populate pid input/keyboard: cleanup xkb_file error handing input_cmd_xkb_file: allow shell path expansion Add support for wlr_keyboard_group input/keyboard: check keyboard group before remove config: improvements to the reload validation input/keyboard: reset seat keyboard on destroy config: apply input type configs on reload layer-shell: unfocus output-less layer on unmap input/keyboard: remove group listeners on destroy input/keyboard: defer wlr_keyboard_group destroy config/input: set type for new identifier configs root_scratchpad_hide: disable fullscreen descendants input/seatop_default: fix focusing floating titles seat_cmd_keyboard_grouping: change keymap to smart layer-shell: refocus if keyboard interactive lost parse_color: return success + drop fallback color cmd_client_*: refactor duplicated code bar_cmd_colors: remove add_color cmd_client_*: support optional args for i3 compat input/cursor: handle image surface destroy input/cursor: handle setting a NULL image surface view: remove workspace pid mapping for assigns container: add inactive fullscreen to focus stack desktop/output: fix mem leak in handle_new_output output: apply oc to outputs using wl_for_each_safe Cassandra McCarthy (1): integer scaling, not integral Danilo Spinella (1): Fix refresh rate scale of output Dark (1): Update titlebar borders to match i3's current behavior. Drew DeVault (12): layer-shell: add support for popups Add _incr_version to contrib/ chmod +x contrib/_incr_version config.in: set default term to alacritty Update .github/FUNDING.yml Update version to 1.2 Updates per wlroots layer shell changes Add seat <seat> idle_{inhibit,wake} <sources...> License wallpapers as CC-0 _incr_version: prompt for target wlroots release _incr_version: always overwrite old version number Update version to 1.3-rc1 Eli Schwartz (3): meson: use join_paths to build paths, instead of string concat completion: use pkg-config to get install location for bash/fish fish-completion: use the correct fallback directory Ilia Bozhinov (1): properly check pixman_region32_contains_rectangle return Ivan Molodetskikh (9): Add Russian translation of the README render: set surface as sampled for presentation output: add max_render_time Add sway_surface view: add max_render_time Add max_render_time to output JSON Add max_render_time to view JSON output: check wlr_output in repaint handler Add note about backends to output max_render_time JR Boyens (1): Use transparency arg in the window focus event Jason (2): Amend typos Docs: explain why menu command should be passed to sway Jason Nader (3): Amend typo commands/move: Fix crash when required args not provided Check argc>0 before strcasecmp. Should shortcircuit Jayce Fayne (1): Revert "fix bar_state_update/input event" John Chadwick (1): input: Add support for tablet protocol. Josef Gajdusek (1): Add virtual pointer protocol Kenny Levinsen (5): Ensure that seat->focused_layer is cleared on unmap output: Ensure that frame_done is delayed on max_render_time output: Replace block_idle_frame with frame_pending output: Schedule idle frames if we do not render output: Restore previous max_render_time behavior Kirill Chibisov (1): Fix tiled containers resize with mouse Konstantin Pospelov (2): swaybar: do not retry search for tray icons swaybar: fix typo in the loop over pixmaps Laurent Bonnans (1): ipc: collapse multi-container command results Lauri (1): Grimshot: a helper for screenshots within sway Manuel Mendez (1): grimshot: fix branching on command exit status Manuel Stoeckl (1): desktop/surface: Fix crash when timer is NULL Martin Michlmayr (4): Fix markup syntax in man pages swaymsg.1: fix description of --pretty sway-output.5: fix variable name swaymsg.1: fix typos Michael Aquilina (1): Fix formatting for title_format in man 5 sway Use explicit linebreaks to make scdoc use a separate line for each entry listed NightFeather (1): Add Chinese (zh-TW) translation of README Nils ANDRÉ-CHANG (1): Fix type (an -> and) Paul Riou (2): input: seat: Fix seat device list not initialised before use Fix sway_log using non initialised output_config pointer Pedro Côrte-Real (3): Avoid numerical instability in resize Make sure we don't calculate fractional pixel gaps Make all the container dimensions integers Rex Hackbro (2): Rename 'node' to 'nodes' in swayipc doc fix bar_state_update/input event Robert Günzler (1): Skip line continuation when it is a comment Ronan Pigott (19): view: create container before selecting workspace focus: support focus prev|next [sibling] criteria: make literal comparison for __focused__ values focus: do nothing on focus prev|next for workspaces seatop_move_floating: make container respect pointer constraint seatop_default: handle focus for xwayland_unmanaged views smart_borders: separate smartness from edge types Prefer higher refresh rate default modes seatop_default: handle focus for unmanaged xwayland windows last add scale_filter output config option Fix lingering workspace with scratchpad show config/output: apply scale_filter even when scale has not changed commands/split: Fix error message typos ipc-json: Remove unnecessary dereference sway-input.5: Document repeat_delay and repeat_rate only once sway.5: Document missing bindsym flags for unbindsym Fix crash when showing scratchpad hidden split containers cmd_move: Fix crash when moving to scratchpad hidden split containers cmd_split: Refuse to split scratchpad hidden split containers Ross Schulman (1): Fix small typo in sway-input(5) Rouven Czerwinski (3): sway(5): move workspace_layout to config only xwayland: get_constraints using size hints xwayland: handle size_hints == NULL Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (2): layer_shell: Guard against negative exclusive zone layer-shell: Fix damage tracking of nested popups Sheena Artrip (1): Rename symbol set_cloexec to sway_set_cloexec, remove duplicates. Simon Ser (22): Remove xdg-shell v6 support layer-shell: don't give focus to unmapped layer surfaces man: document how to specify multiple xkb layouts and options Error out on unknown debug flag build: update wlroots version, be more strict Add support for fullscreen view direct scan-out Fix direct scan-out flickering build: bump wlroots version to 0.8.1 build: always use the project version Fix apply_output_config return value when enabling output Fix segfault in wlr_output_manager_v1_set_configuration Handle layer changes for layer shell surfaces Fix presentation feedback when scanning out fullscreen view Add --custom to `output mode` command Fix segfault in set_mode Use wlr_output_preferred_mode instead of the last mode Add -Wno-missing-braces Use new presentation-time helper Auto-detect output scale Re-add support for wlr_output's atomic API Fix unreliable scaling filter Revert "Make all the container dimensions integers" Tadeo Kondrak (3): build: remove rootston from wlroots subproject Implement input map_to_region command Use an enum instead of a marker string for map_to_ Thayne McCombs (1): Add missing items to documentation for GET_TREE response in ipc. Thorben Günther (2): Improve transparency script A Script to change sway workspace name. Versus Void (1): Do not search for edges on subsurfaces, fix #4381 Whemoon Jang (1): Fix typo in swaybar-protocol.7.scd Wieland Hoffmann (2): sway(5): Add a missing verb sway(5): Highlight valid values in the description of tiling_drag asdfjkluiop (1): A layer-shell will only be focused if it is non-null lbonn (6): Allow moving a container hidden in scratchpad focus: support focus_wrapping workspace seat: simplify a strdup Fix various memory leaks Fix potential NULL reference on cleanup focus: add a NULL check in `focus <direction>` xPMo (1): Fix bar_state_update docs xdavidwu (3): seat: avoid unneeded reloading xcursor theme seat: set cursor image only if no pointer cap previously swaybar: make status block text render in the same way as others