tag name1.1-rc1 (028ee9ebdee18d1557af5f48a0a42c1082d5912d)
tag date2019-05-03 13:29:16 -0400
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sway 1.1-rc1
sway 1.1 includes 119 changes from 40 contributors. This release introduces a few new features, but for the most part just fixes bugs and improves i3 compatibility. swaybg is now distributed as a standalone program which is compatible with many Wayland compositors. Unlike the other sway clients which have been split into separate projects, however, swaybg is a required dependency of sway. Packagers are encouraged to configure it as such when updating sway for their distribution. https://github.com/swaywm/swaybg Changes - swaybg is now a standalone project New Features - swaybar now includes touch support - tapping to activate hotspots and dragging across to cycle through workspaces - You can now manually inhibit idle notifications (DPMS) when a certain criteria is active via inhibit_idle - Keybindings can now be unconfigured at runtime via unbind{sym,code,switch} - workspace {prev,next}_on_output --create will create the next workspace instead of wrapping to the start - Output subpixel layouts can now be explicitly configured - i3bar's short_text properties in the JSON protocol are now supported - swaybar now supports an "overlay" mode, which shows the bar on top of other windows and doesn't process input events - Switch devices (like lid switches) are now supported and can be bound to actions via bindswitch - swaymsg now supports a -p/--pretty option for explicitly enabling pretty-printing Changelog 3ap (1): config.in: allow launch apps with args via dmenu Alex Maese (7): Fix a crash in swaybar when an icon dir is not readable Create unbindsym and unbindcode commands Add unbindswitch command Add unbindsym/unbindcode command for swaybar Clear pointer focus during move and resize seatops Don't send pointer motion when rebasing the cursor Fix a silly mistake Ashkan Kiani (5): Fix crash for floating command on scratchpad window Fix scratchpad logic for floating windows Fix potential null accesses Add documentation for rename workspace Fix the payload type returned by IPC Benjamin Cheng (2): Add heuristics to differentiate touchpads Implement input type configs (#3784) Brian Ashworth (33): get_deco_rect: fix floaters on tabbed/stacked ws criteria: change workspace to support regex xwayland: handle floating configure request size Set prev_workspace_name based off of focus output_cmd_background: validate colors Fix output config retrieval for new outputs config/output: revamp identifier/name layering config/output: handle wildcard in get_output_config cmd_mode: allow cmd_set to be a subcommand criteria: fix __focused__ when no focus or unset fix opening a floating view on the NOOP output Implement inhibit_idle command Fix xwayland configure request scratchpad crash floating: fix size of non-view containers scratchpad: set initial size root_scratchpad_hide: fix crash when layer focused idle_inhibit: fix crash during view destruction swaybg: one instance for all outputs Honor output for xdg_toplevel_set_fullscreen cmd_focus: raise floating for `<criteria> focus` Fix scratchpad fullscreen behavior and crash swaynag: fix pointer management Spawn swaynag as a wayland client swaymsg: add timeout and type checks cmd_move: allow for all i3 syntax options ipc: fix criteria for emitting bar_state_update swaynag: revamp type configs swaybar: hide mode visibility improvements swaybar: add multiseat support cmd_move: respect workspace layout when inserting cmd_move: add support for output current sway.5.scd: clarify workspace config commands swaymsg: fix quiet error reporting Connor E (2): Allow 0 degree transform (normal transform). Add deprecation warnings for new_float, new_window, and force_focus_wrapping. Dacheng Gao (6): add chinese translation fix cs fix cs add link to README-zh-CN fix typo fix broken link to README.zh-CN.md Dmitri Kourennyi (3): Implement handling of short_text field of i3 input protocol. Ensure predicted position for short text handling doesn't overflow. Add margin to short_text handling. Drew DeVault (5): swaybar: process hotspots on touch tap swaybar: cycle workspaces on touch drag Update formatting of zh-cn link in README.md Remove obsolete README translations Bump required wlroots version Flakebi (1): Flush stdout in swaymsg when in subscribe mode Geoff Greer (1): Add support for manually setting subpixel hinting on outputs. Ian Fan (1): commands: allow tiled sticky containers to be moved Igor Sviatniy (1): Update README.uk.md Ilja Kocken (1): Add link to i3 in first mention of README Jan Beich (1): config/output: unbreak on 32-bit architectures Jan Pokorný (1): bindings: fix overwrite log argument mismatch Konstantin Pospelov (7): Implement bindsym --to-code config: simplify keysym translation fields bindsym: change default keymap for --to-code bindsym: update the man page to include --to-code bindsym: consider xkb_rule_names for --to-code bindsym: change xkb_rule_names initialization config: fix clang warning Lane Surface (1): Remove extra inclusion of stdio.h Martin Michlmayr (1): sway-input.5: add xkeyboard-config(7) to "see also" Maxime “pep” Buquet (1): Validate icon_struct in read_theme_file Milkey Mouse (1): swaybar: add overlay mode (fix #1620) Peter Grayson (1): Repair swaynag crash reading message from stdin Philipe Goulet (1): Fix #3924 Philz69 (1): Updated the french readme (#3964) Ranieri Althoff (1): Send disabled output available modes on IPC get_outputs Ryan Dwyer (7): Replace seatup allows_events with button callback Introduce default seatop Document the title_format command Remove debug tree Clean up focus follows mouse logic Support focus <direction> for floating containers Fix null pointer crash when doing tiling drag Ryan Walklin (1): Support WLR_INPUT_DEVICE_SWITCH in sway Scott Anderson (1): Fix uninitialized read for wlr_surface_send_frame Simon Ser (4): swaybg: add manpage Update for wlroots#1660 ci: enable all features Don't submit too much damage Stephan Hilb (1): swaybar: fix loading of malformed icon theme Tim Sampson (1): fish: improve completions a little bit Yábir Benchakhtir (1): Spanish translation of the README Yábir García (2): Add spanish link to the home README Fix accents bschacht (1): Set the correct version for wlroots dependency db (1): add --i3 flag to hide_edge_borders emersion (6): ci: add Alpine CI ci: add FreeBSD Add wp-primary-selection-unstable-v1 ci: use scdoc-git because 1.9.1 is broken Fix size_t temporary underflow in log_loaded_themes Stop using wlr_output->{lx,ly} jajo-11 (1): Add German translation of the README ljedrz (1): Add Polish README minus (1): Fix quoting of commands passed to for_window mliszcz (1): Allow for workspace renaming during exec handling mwenzkowski (3): view.c: refactor view_autoconfigure() Don't apply hide_edge_borders to floating windows hide_edge_borders.c: add missing case for --i3