tag name1.0-rc5 (646025c52e9d8c6ada7fc01ddb9e0080aa25c176)
tag date2019-03-04 12:51:19 -0500
tagged byLibravatar Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>
tagged objectcommit e8eab3b825...
sway 1.0-rc5
Sway 1.0-rc5 contains 19 changes from 7 contributors since 1.0-rc4, and only contains bug fixes. The recommended wlroots version to use with this sway release is 0.4. Package maintainers: please do not package this release. Brian Ashworth (7): execute_command: do not strip qoutes for cmd_mode Add sway-ipc.7.scd to document IPC protocol sway-ipc.7: clarify window_rect omits decorations floating_maximum_size: change default behavior render_floating: skip fullscreen floaters sway.1.scd: document environment vars set by sway meson: update scdoc requirement to >= 1.9.2 Ian Fan (1): tray: fix pixmap colors Noam Preil (1): Fixes crash in spawn_swaybg (closes #3733) Rouven Czerwinski (3): cursor: remove unused node assignement cursor: intitialize sx and sy to zero config: remove double assignement to result in get_output_config Ryan Dwyer (1): Allow concurrent clicks emersion (5): Set minimum wlroots version Print Meson features Add output dpms to manpage seat: don't send button release when not pressed meson: check scdoc version hugbubby (1): Minor fix of code duplication.