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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Update wlr_box includesLibravatar Simon Ser2021-07-07
* config: Fix swaybar pango_markup inconsistencyLibravatar Daniel Otero2021-06-03
* Added scroll_factor input variable to ipc outputLibravatar Erik Reider2021-05-05
* container: Move pending state to state structLibravatar Kenny Levinsen2021-02-16
* Align ordering of core node properties with i3Libravatar Jan Palus2021-02-15
* Add support for workspace_min_width bar option.Libravatar Tarmack2020-10-11
* Fix incorrect format specifiersLibravatar Antonin D├ęcimo2020-07-30
* i3-compat: add GET_BINDING_STATE IPC commandLibravatar Jason Nader2020-06-14
* Add views idle inhibition status in get_tree outputLibravatar Damien Tardy-Panis2020-05-29
* ipc: invert output transformation when necessaryLibravatar Tudor Brindus2020-05-28
* ipc: show marks of containers without view in treeLibravatar lbonn2020-05-22
* Add each view's shell to JSON descriptionLibravatar Thomas Hebb2020-04-27
* Limit workspace numbers within 0..INT32_MAXLibravatar Jason Nader2020-03-12
* ipc: add missing required propertiesLibravatar Ian Fan2020-03-10
* Add adaptive_sync_status to output IPC replyLibravatar Simon Ser2020-03-07
* i3compat: add `window_type` to IPC responseLibravatar Jason Nader2020-02-17
* i3compat: add `window_type` to IPC responseLibravatar Jason Nader2020-02-17
* ipc-json: Remove unnecessary dereferenceLibravatar Ronan Pigott2020-01-16
* add scale_filter output config optionLibravatar Ronan Pigott2019-11-29
* Add max_render_time to view JSONLibravatar Ivan Molodetskikh2019-11-17
* Add max_render_time to output JSONLibravatar Ivan Molodetskikh2019-11-17
* calibration_matrix: add the current matrix to the IPC description for libinpu...Libravatar Sergei Dolgov2019-07-05
* ipc: add xkb_layout_names and xkb_active_layout_indexLibravatar Simon Ser2019-06-09
* Provide current DPMS state in GET_OUTPUTSLibravatar Josef Gajdusek2019-05-28
* Send disabled output available modes on IPC get_outputsLibravatar Ranieri Althoff2019-04-16
* Add heuristics to differentiate touchpadsLibravatar Benjamin Cheng2019-04-14
* Support WLR_INPUT_DEVICE_SWITCH in swayLibravatar Ryan Walklin2019-03-19
* get_deco_rect: fix floaters on tabbed/stacked wsLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-03-11
* Fix crash when moving window to scratchpadLibravatar minus2019-03-09
* ipc: describe libinput device configurationLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-03-07
* ipc: fix fullscreen deco_rectLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-03-06
* ipc: fix rect for stacked childrenLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-03-06
* ipc: change {,deco_}rect to match i3Libravatar Brian Ashworth2019-03-06
* ipc: add missing fields to disabled outputsLibravatar Caleb Bassi2019-02-23
* Handle NULL from output_get_active_workspaceLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-02-21
* Add 'visible' key to view json responseLibravatar Yorick van Pelt2019-02-18
* ipc: handle unnamed xkb_active_layout_nameLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-02-11
* Introduce container_is_scratchpad_hiddenLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2019-01-28
* Implement fullscreen globalLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2019-01-25
* Make json-c include respect pkg-config --cflagsLibravatar Jan Beich2019-01-23
* bar_cmd_tray_bind: Use mouse button helpersLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-01-16
* Merge pull request #3344 from RedSoxFan/bar-mouse-bindings-improvedLibravatar Drew DeVault2019-01-13
| * bar_cmd_bind: utilize mouse button helpersLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-01-10
* | Merge pull request #3398 from RedSoxFan/toggle-input-eventsLibravatar Drew DeVault2019-01-13
|\ \
| * | get_inputs: add libinput send events modeLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-01-09
| |/
* | swaybar: add status_edge_padding commandLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-01-11
* | swaybar: add status_padding commandLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-01-11
* swaybar: implement tray configLibravatar Ian Fan2018-12-31
* added fullscreen_mode to get_tree outputLibravatar NokiDev2018-12-25
* Update for swaywm/wlroots#1377Libravatar Rostislav Pehlivanov2018-12-16