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* Prevent use-after-free on first bar subcommand errorLibravatar Michael Weiser2021-04-18
* Declare all struct cmd_handler arrays constLibravatar Manuel Stoeckl2021-02-04
* Add support for workspace_min_width bar option.Libravatar Tarmack2020-10-11
* swaybar: complete barconfig_update event handlingLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-09-04
* commands/bar: fix mode and hidden_state at runtimeLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-05-22
* commands/bar: improve error for invalid subcommandLibravatar Alyssa Ross2019-05-19
* bar: fix segfault with missing or invalid bar idLibravatar Alyssa Ross2019-05-17
* Add unbindsym/unbindcode command for swaybarLibravatar Alex Maese2019-04-17
* util.c: remove numlen functionLibravatar Ian Fan2019-01-22
* Replace wlr_log with sway_logLibravatar M Stoeckl2019-01-21
* bar_cmd_tray_bind: Use mouse button helpersLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-01-16
* Remove now-unused "input" argument of cmd_results_newLibravatar M Stoeckl2019-01-14
* Merge pull request #3344 from RedSoxFan/bar-mouse-bindings-improvedLibravatar Drew DeVault2019-01-13
| * bar_cmd_bind: utilize mouse button helpersLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-01-10
* | swaybar: add status_edge_padding commandLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-01-11
* | swaybar: add status_padding commandLibravatar Brian Ashworth2019-01-11
* swaybar: implement tray configLibravatar Ian Fan2018-12-31
* Implement bar gapsLibravatar Brian Ashworth2018-11-28
* Implement strip_workspace_name.Libravatar Connor E2018-11-17
* cmd_bar: simplify logicLibravatar Brian Ashworth2018-10-13
* cmd_bar: fix bar id issuesLibravatar Brian Ashworth2018-10-13
* Fix bar subcommand handler structs and selectionLibravatar Brian Ashworth2018-10-13
* Allow status_command to be disabled via IPCLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-08
* Change _XOPEN_SOURCE defines to _POSIX_C_SOURCELibravatar sghctoma2018-09-03
* Fix feature macros for FreeBSDLibravatar sghctoma2018-08-30
* Update for swaywm/wlroots#1126Libravatar emersion2018-07-09
* Address first round of review for generic blocksLibravatar Brian Ashworth2018-06-02
* Make command block implementation genericLibravatar Brian Ashworth2018-06-02
* Use statically allocated text bufferLibravatar Drew DeVault2018-03-29
* Add bar configuration commandsLibravatar Drew DeVault2018-03-29
* Move everything to sway/old/Libravatar Drew DeVault2017-11-18
* UnGNUify the codebaseLibravatar Drew DeVault2017-03-10
* Handle allocation failure in commandsLibravatar Drew DeVault2016-12-15
* merge in latest commitsLibravatar Zandr Martin2016-09-02
* refactor commands.cLibravatar Zandr Martin2016-09-01