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* i3-compat: add GET_BINDING_STATE IPC commandLibravatar Jason Nader2020-06-14
* bash completion: swaymsg accepts --version, not --verboseLibravatar Eric Engestrom2020-05-15
* Update fish completionsLibravatar Jason2020-03-13
* Add missing swaymsg completionsLibravatar Peter Grayson2019-03-08
* Add -p/--pretty option to swaymsgLibravatar Peter Grayson2019-03-08
* fish: improve completions a little bitLibravatar Tim Sampson2019-02-23
* Split swaylock into separate projectLibravatar Drew DeVault2019-01-13
* Split swayidle from swayLibravatar Drew DeVault2019-01-12
* completion: use jq instead of sed for swaybar completionLibravatar Réouven Assouly2019-01-02
* zsh: update completionsLibravatar Réouven Assouly2019-01-02
* bash: add completion for swaybarLibravatar Gaël PORTAY2018-12-31
* document swaymessage type for get_seatsLibravatar madblobfish2018-11-04
* improved swaymsg completions for fishLibravatar madblobfish2018-10-31
* added fish completions for swaynagLibravatar madblobfish2018-10-27
* added fish completions for swayidleLibravatar madblobfish2018-10-27
* updated fish completions for swaylockLibravatar madblobfish2018-10-27
* added untested filesLibravatar Martin Kalchev2018-08-26
* Fix swaylock zsh completionsLibravatar Ian Fan2018-08-16
* ipc: add tick eventLibravatar Ian Fan2018-08-01
* Add missing swaymsg completionsLibravatar Ian Fan2018-08-01
* Merge pull request #2387 from 1ace/feature/bash-completionLibravatar Drew DeVault2018-07-30
| * bash: add completion for swayidleLibravatar Eric Engestrom2018-07-30
| * bash: add completion for swaylockLibravatar Eric Engestrom2018-07-30
| * bash: add completion for swaymsgLibravatar Eric Engestrom2018-07-30
| * bash: add completion for swayLibravatar Eric Engestrom2018-07-30
* | delete references to swaygrabLibravatar Eric Engestrom2018-07-30
* zsh: fix sway completionLibravatar Eric Engestrom2018-07-30
* Remove `clipboard` command and `get_clipboard` messageLibravatar emersion2018-07-10
* Implement IPC get_seats commandLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-05-12
* remove relevant CMakeLists.txtLibravatar Tony Crisci2017-11-30
* Rework get_clipboard implementationLibravatar nyorain2017-07-07
* Fix zsh completion for _swaylockLibravatar azarus2017-07-03
* Correct swaylock man page description of -i and -cLibravatar Andrew Conrad2017-06-18
* Use CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_DATA{,ROOT}DIRLibravatar Wouter van Kesteren2016-12-17
* Update _swaylockLibravatar Seth Barberee2016-07-18
* add --no-unlock-indicator to swaylockLibravatar Zandr Martin2016-05-26
* fixed config helpLibravatar Seth Barberee2016-02-01
* refactored to include single dashLibravatar Seth Barberee2016-01-31
* use tabsLibravatar Mikkel Oscar Lyderik2016-01-29
* Improve _swaymsg and _swaygrab completionsLibravatar Mikkel Oscar Lyderik2016-01-29
* Autocomplete scale optionsLibravatar Mikkel Oscar Lyderik2016-01-29
* complete image, not colorLibravatar Mikkel Oscar Lyderik2016-01-29
* Add files completion to _swaylockLibravatar Mikkel Oscar Lyderik2016-01-29
* zsh completions for swaylockLibravatar Aaron Ouellette2016-01-28
* refactored to include single dash optionsLibravatar Seth Barberee2016-01-26
* restructured to include single dash optionsLibravatar Seth Barberee2016-01-22
* added basic zsh shell completion for sway, swaybg, and swaygrabLibravatar Seth Barberee2016-01-17