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* Add wayland_client dependency to commonLibravatar TheAvidDev2020-06-06
* Removed unused wlroots dependency for sway(bg|bar|msg|nag)Libravatar M Stoeckl2019-01-21
* Remove unicode.cLibravatar emersion2019-01-17
* Remove readline.cLibravatar Ian Fan2019-01-01
* Move swaybar's event loop to common directory and refactorLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-10-15
* Add password buffer, refactor rendering/surfacesLibravatar Drew DeVault2018-04-04
* Move swaybg background rendering into common/Libravatar Drew DeVault2018-04-04
* Start port of swaybar to layer shellLibravatar Drew DeVault2018-03-29
* Add solid-color rendering to swaybgLibravatar Drew DeVault2018-03-28
* build: add wlroots dependency to commonLibravatar Dominique Martinet2017-12-19
* meson: common static libraryLibravatar Tony Crisci2017-11-30
* use meson subdirectoriesLibravatar Tony Crisci2017-11-30