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* Merge pull request #3271 from ianyfan/list-cleanupLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-12-09
| * list.c: rename free_flat_list to list_free_items_and_destroyLibravatar Ian Fan2018-12-09
| * Cleanup list codeLibravatar Ian Fan2018-12-09
| * list.c: Remove list_foreachLibravatar Ian Fan2018-12-09
* | list: double list capacity when resizing instead of incrementingLibravatar Ian Fan2018-12-06
* Use list_find in more places and refactor/fix workspace prev_next functionsLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-08-15
* Implement resizing tiled containers via cursorLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-08-12
* Move floating windows to front when focusedLibravatar Ryan Dwyer2018-07-11
* Added "layout promote" command.Libravatar wil2016-12-29
* Handle config-related allocation failuresLibravatar Drew DeVault2016-12-15
* implement stable sort for listsLibravatar Zandr Martin2016-06-02
* swaybar: fix memory leaksLibravatar progandy2015-12-22
* replace non-standard qsort_r with qsortLibravatar robotanarchy2015-12-22
* fix list sortingLibravatar taiyu2015-11-24
* cmd_workspace: Don't fill up config->workspace_outputs with duplicates.Libravatar S. Christoffer Eliesen2015-11-22
* list: Add list_seq_find.Libravatar S. Christoffer Eliesen2015-11-21
* Start fleshing out wayland client implementationLibravatar Drew DeVault2015-11-12