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authorLibravatar Ryan Dwyer <ryandwyer1@gmail.com>2019-03-19 19:41:24 +1000
committerLibravatar Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>2019-03-19 14:38:06 -0600
commitbfa20e65d846f8e8bf7b967b2440d99d82ca9a86 (patch)
tree1dedc741affd829e033c994e30f2ab838d301b33 /sway/input/seatop_default.c
parentRemove debug tree (diff)
Clean up focus follows mouse logic
Firstly, this fixes a recent regression where having `focus_follows_mouse yes` and hovering an inactive tab caused it to gain focus. The code was missing a view_is_visible check. The code is handling the logic for both focus_follows_mouse yes and focus_follows_mouse always, where the latter will apply when nudging the mouse after a workspace switch. However, the view_is_visible check didn't apply when using focus_follows_mouse always, so hovering a tab with that configuration would cause is to focus. This was a bug. When adding the view_is_visible check, it now applies to both yes and always. Note that the comment about the split container was wrong. At this point the hovered node cannot be a split container because it passed the node_is_view check. The comment has been removed. Lastly, the else condition is completely removed. This didn't appear to have any practical use. Setting focus to the result of seat_get_focus_inactive is very likely going to be a no op. There is a slim chance that this will break something, and if so I'd like to find out what so it can be properly documented in the code.
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diff --git a/sway/input/seatop_default.c b/sway/input/seatop_default.c
index fc785cda..9cf58c47 100644
--- a/sway/input/seatop_default.c
+++ b/sway/input/seatop_default.c
@@ -439,18 +439,17 @@ static void check_focus_follows_mouse(struct sway_seat *seat,
439 return; 439 return;
440 } 440 }
441 441
442 if (node_is_view(hovered_node)) { 442 // This is where we handle the common case. We don't want to focus inactive
443 // tabs, hence the view_is_visible check.
444 if (node_is_view(hovered_node) &&
445 view_is_visible(hovered_node->sway_container->view)) {
446 // e->previous_node is the node which the cursor was over previously.
447 // If focus_follows_mouse is yes and the cursor got over the view due
448 // to, say, a workspace switch, we don't want to set the focus.
449 // But if focus_follows_mouse is "always", we do.
443 if (hovered_node != e->previous_node || 450 if (hovered_node != e->previous_node ||
444 config->focus_follows_mouse == FOLLOWS_ALWAYS) { 451 config->focus_follows_mouse == FOLLOWS_ALWAYS) {
445 seat_set_focus(seat, hovered_node); 452 seat_set_focus(seat, hovered_node);
446 } else {
447 // Focusing a tab which contains a split child
448 struct sway_node *next_focus =
449 seat_get_focus_inactive(seat, &root->node);
450 if (next_focus && node_is_view(next_focus) &&
451 view_is_visible(next_focus->sway_container->view)) {
452 seat_set_focus(seat, next_focus);
453 }
454 } 453 }
455 } 454 }
456} 455}