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* chore(deps): update jest-mock to version 27.5.1depfu/update/yarn/jest-mock-27.5.1Libravatar Depfu Bot2022-02-12
* chore(deps): update electron to version 17.0.0Libravatar Depfu Bot2022-02-08
* chore(deps): update all of typescript-eslint to version 5.11.0Libravatar Depfu Bot2022-02-08
* chore(deps): update eslint to version 8.8.0Libravatar Depfu Bot2022-02-04
* chore(deps): update @fontsource/roboto to version 4.5.2Libravatar Depfu Bot2022-02-03
* chore: Bump dependenciesLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-27
* chore(deps): update @mui/icons-material to version 5.3.1Libravatar Depfu Bot2022-01-25
* chore(deps): update chokidar to version 3.5.3Libravatar Depfu Bot2022-01-25
* Upgrade npm modulesLibravatar Vijay A2022-01-12
* Upgrade 'electron' to '16.0.7'Libravatar Vijay A2022-01-12
* ci: Export test and coverage reportLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-10
* build: Add pre-commit hookLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-10
* build: Add eslint-plugin-securityLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-10
* build: Add eslint-plugin-promiseLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-09
* build: Add eslint-plugin-unicornLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-09
* build: Add eslint-plugin-jestLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-09
* build: Add prettierLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-09
* build: Disable single-run eslint-typescriptLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-09
* Update docsLibravatar Vijay A2022-01-09
* build: Eslint fixes for multi-module projectLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-09
* New configurations based on review comments (WIP)Libravatar Vijay A2022-01-09
* Incorporate 'eslint' (fixes #3)Libravatar Vijay A2022-01-09
* Upgrade npm modulesLibravatar Vijay A2022-01-09
* Upgrade 'electron' to '16.0.6'Libravatar Vijay A2022-01-04
* Basic CI pipeline using Gitlab CILibravatar Vijay A2022-01-03
* chore: Add .yarn/sdks to .gitignoreLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-02
* Enhance 'About' dialog with more infoLibravatar Vijay A2022-01-03
* Turn off 'FuseV1Options.EnableEmbeddedAsarIntegrityValidation' since the pack...Libravatar Vijay A2022-01-02
* Merge branch 'gitignore' into 'main'Libravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-02
| * Regenerate '.gitignore'Libravatar Vijay A2022-01-02
* Merge branch 'developer-documentation' into 'main'Libravatar Vijay A2022-01-02
| * Remove cmd about 'yarn set version'Libravatar Vijay A2022-01-02
| * Add documentation about specific pre-requisites for new contributorsLibravatar Vijay A2022-01-02
* chore: Add @avijayr as a copyright holderLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-02
* Merge branch 'repo-url' into 'main'Libravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-02
| * Fix 'repository' in 'package.json'Libravatar Vijay A2022-01-02
* | Merge branch 'ensure-userDataDir-present' into 'main'Libravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-02
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Ensure that the 'userData' directory is present when starting up the appLibravatar Vijay A2022-01-02
* build: Improve build configsLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-02
* chore: Fix and bump dependenciesLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-02
* fix: Allow devtools extensions to be installedLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-02
* fix: Ensure dev user directory existsLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-02
* docs: Add note on typecheckingLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-01
* docs: Add architecture docsLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-01
* feat: Load browserview contents asynchronouslyLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2022-01-01
* docs: Separate CONTRIBUTING fileLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2021-12-31
* docs: Contribution informationLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2021-12-31
* test: Set up v8 coverage analysisLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2021-12-31
* test: Fix esbuild transformer typesLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2021-12-31
* test: More robust jest moduleNameMappersLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2021-12-31