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* Add missing 'assets/fonts' into the packaged appLibravatar Vijay A5 days
* chore: move 'packages/themes' into 'src' (no longer an injected package) (#2080)Libravatar Vijay Aravamudhan6 days
* fix: ferdi is very slow to start on kubuntu (#2064)Libravatar Markus Hatvan8 days
* build: fix snap release to snapstore only (#1809)Libravatar Markus Hatvan2021-08-17
* build: fix beta channel release for snapLibravatar mhatvan2021-08-13
* build: add Ferdi snap package (#1767)Libravatar Markus Hatvan2021-08-10
* Revert "build: add Ferdi snap package"Libravatar Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan2021-08-10
* build: add Ferdi snap packageLibravatar mhatvan2021-08-09
* Turned on other h/w architectures for linux builds. (#1633)Libravatar Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan2021-07-10
* Including the '@meetfranz' node modules in the packed artefact (since its cau...Libravatar Vijay A2021-07-08
* Build Ferdi for freeBSDLibravatar Vijay A2021-06-05
* Allow nightlies as pre-releases (possible fix for broken updater in nightlies).Libravatar Vijay A2021-06-02
* Added config to generate a windows MSI installer.Libravatar Vijay A2021-05-23
* Fixing stale reference to npm module that has been removed.Libravatar Vijay A2021-05-17
* Add support for Apple M1Libravatar Yoga Setiawan2021-04-29
* Synchronize with Franz 5.6.0 (#1033)Libravatar Amine El Mouafik2021-02-08
* 5.6.0-nightly.13Libravatar Amine Mouafik2021-01-06
* Remove notarizationLibravatar Bennett2020-12-20
* 5.5.0Libravatar Amine Mouafik2020-04-26
* Merge Franz 5.5.0 beta.1 and 2 (#549)Libravatar Bennett2020-04-17
* Attempt at updating entitlements list for signed macOS appLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-12-23
* Merge branch 'develop' into fix/audio-video-on-macosLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-11-28
| * #185 Add RPM target to electron-builderLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-11-05
* | Add list of entitlements including mic/videoLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-11-27
* | Review electron-builder and access description copyLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-11-05
* | Extend plist infos on macOS for audio/videoLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-11-05
* Use electron-spellchecker instead of electron-hunspellLibravatar vantezzen2019-10-19
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/meetfranz/franz into franz-5.4.0Libravatar vantezzen2019-10-09
| * Add darkModeSupportLibravatar Stefan Malzner2019-10-02
* | Fix syntax for multiple targets/archs defsLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-10-04
* | #87 Add portable target for WindowsLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-10-04
* | Revert "#63 Add pacman target for linux builds"Libravatar Amine Mouafik2019-10-01
* | #63 Add pacman target for linux buildsLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-10-01
* | Adding recipes as unpacked assetLibravatar vantezzen2019-09-25
* | Remove specifying entitlementsLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-09-24
* | Attempt at building macOS with the right entitlementsLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-09-19
* | Notarize mac deliverable on electron-builder afterSign hookLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-09-19
* | Review builder config for mac (hardenedRuntime/gatekeeperAssess)Libravatar Amine Mouafik2019-09-19
* | Fix missing Ferdi branding as suggested in #25Libravatar vantezzen2019-09-09
* | Fix iconsLibravatar vantezzen2019-08-22
* | Replace public Franz occurences with FerdiLibravatar vantezzen2019-08-21
* feat(Windows): Add option to quit Franz from Taskbar iconLibravatar Stefan2019-02-12
* fix(Spellchecker): Dictionaries are now part of app instead of dynamic downloadLibravatar Stefan Malzner2018-12-07
* move windows arch config to electron-builder.ymlLibravatar Stefan Malzner2018-03-20
* WIP: add deep linkingLibravatar Stefan Malzner2017-12-05
* Merge pull request #353 from meetfranz/chore/build-setupLibravatar Stefan Malzner2017-11-27
| * add tar.gz as a linux build targetLibravatar Stefan Malzner2017-11-23
* | Set a synopsis and description for linux. Also fixed the icons on linux (test...Libravatar Anton Pirker2017-11-24
* set appId for windowsLibravatar Stefan Malzner2017-11-19
* Test perMachine: falseLibravatar Stefan2017-11-04