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Update changelog for 5.6.0-beta.6 (#1468)
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1# [5.6.0-beta.6](https://github.com/getferdi/ferdi/compare/v5.6.0-beta.5...v5.6.0-beta.6) (2021-05-31)
3### Features
4- Add new setting to minimize to tray when closing on Windows (#1087) πŸ’– @1mm0rt41PC
5- Add Search with Google and DuckDuckGo items in the context menu πŸ’– @MosheGross, @vraravam
6- Add support for Apple M1 πŸ’– @arioki1, @vraravam
7- Enchance Quick switch with fuzzy search and highlighting (#1311) (#1319) πŸ’– @vraravam
8- Alternative shortcuts for Quick switch (#850) πŸ’– @kris7t
9- Add Back, Forward, Open, and Copy to clipboard items in browser context menu πŸ’– @vraravam
10- Add Copy to clipboard item for blob images on macOS πŸ’– @vraravam
11- Add MSI installer for Windows (#1443) πŸ’– @vraravam
13### Minor changes
14- Display search input when service is not found πŸ’– @arioki1
15- Expose Electron version information in "About Ferdi" (#1109) πŸ’– @vraravam
16- Add delete service confirmation (#1286) πŸ’– @vraravam
17- Add macOS Big Sur icon (#1056) (#1100) πŸ’– @alopix @jakobsudau
18- Improve custom accent color design πŸ’– @kris7t
19- Improve performance on Setting screen with large cache size πŸ’– @kris7t
20- Automatically fill in default service URL (#1436) πŸ’– @vraravam
21- Installation instructions for winget-cli πŸ’– @mloskot
22- Improve screen sharing selector appearance and add screen sharing cancellation
24### Recipes
25- Add 14 new recipes! Intercom, Infomaniak Mail, Clockify, BiP, Azure DevOps, Canvas, Webex Teams, Erepublik, Kimai, Snapdrop, Amazon WorkMail, Google Contacts, Harvest, Inoreader πŸ’– @guillaume-ro-fr, @bidouilles, @sysuin, @arioki1, @BilelJegham, @Sagir-mo, @rbertoncelj, @kevinpapst, @vraravam, @annagrram
26- Update Google Calendar icon πŸ’– @jobo90
27- Fix WhatsApp unread message counter πŸ’– @bpwned, @TheBoroer
28- Synchronize Outlook services and correct message count πŸ’– @cromefire
29- Fix null element error in Protonmail πŸ’– @mmso
30- Update URL for Telegram React πŸ’– @RoiArthurB
31- Update Zulip logo and contact details πŸ’– @adambirds
32- Fix Element unread message count πŸ’– @fjl5
33- Fix Google Chat image previews (#1283) πŸ’– @vraravam
34- Fix non-SSO login for Google services (#1273) (#1283) πŸ’– @vraravam
35- Update Gmail icon (getferdi/recipes#349) πŸ’– @vraravam
36- Fix Gitter unread message count πŸ’– @vraravam
37- Fix Hangouts Chat unread message count (getferdi/recipes#102) (getferdi/recipes#485) πŸ’– @vraravam
38- Add self-hosted URL support for Office 365 (getferdi/recipes#500) πŸ’– @vraravam
39- Fix login redirect in PushBullet (#1331) πŸ’– @vraravam
40- Fix Mattermost unread count (#1110) πŸ’– @kemenaran
41- Add self-hosted URL support for Jitsi (#1228) πŸ’– @vraravam
42- Add self-hosted URL support for Jira (#1169) πŸ’– @vraravam
43- Fix Messenger unread count (#1113) πŸ’– @vraravam
44- Fix Zulip unread count (#1362) πŸ’– @vraravam
45- Fix Telegram React unread count πŸ’– @vraravam
47### Fixes
48- Fix installation instructions for Homebrew (#1143) πŸ’– @kawarimidoll
49- Show username and lastname fetched from server in account settings (#1040) πŸ’– @k0staa
50- Fix "Service Developer Tools not available" (#147) πŸ’– @arioki1
51- Fix window unsnapping when clicking notification (#896) πŸ’– @stnkl
52- Fix spellchecker language saving (#1016)
53- Fix typo in the Login screen πŸ’– @eltociear
54- Fix typo in README.md πŸ’– @graves501
55- Fix "Show Ferdi In Menu Bar" nomenclature on macOS (#1417) πŸ’– @vraravam
57### Under the hood
58- Update to Electron 13.0.1 πŸ’– @vraravam, @kris7t
59- Update dependencies πŸ’– @vraravam, @kris7t
60- Synchronize with Ferdi 5.6.0 πŸ’– @vraravam
61- Add Docker containers for building in Linux and development with VSCode πŸ’– @vraravam
63# [5.6.0-beta.5](https://github.com/getferdi/ferdi/compare/v5.6.0-beta.2...v5.6.0-beta.5) (2020-12-20)
65### Features
66- Add FAB to service dashboard (#824)
67- Add "Go to Home Page" in services context menu (#900) πŸ’– @raicerk
68- Add vertical style and "Always show workspace drawer" setting (#567)
69- Flash TaskBar (Windows) / Bounce Dock (Mac) on New Message (#1020) πŸ’– @mahadevans87
70- Add danish translations πŸ’– @madsmtm
72### Minor changes
73- Update dependencies
74- Add Norwegian translations (#840) πŸ’– @larsmagnusherland
75- Update adaptable dark mode to work on all platforms (#834)
76- Improved onboarding flow and settings empty states (#996) πŸ’– @tofran
77- Enhance the "Support Ferdi" screen (#722) πŸ’– @yourcontact
78- Improve Ferdi's design (#977)
80### Recipes
81- Add 24 new recipes! Nextcloud, Nextcloud Cospend, Nextcloud Tasks, StackExchange, Noisli, Yahoo Mail, TickTick, DevDocs, Figma, iCloud Reminders, OneNote, YouTrack, SimpleNote, Lark, Slite, Pinterest, Disqus, Microsoft Todo, Google Podcasts, YouTube Music, Sync.com, Wire, Fleep, Google Classroom πŸ’– @eandersons, @kittywhiskers, @andrsussa, @vraravam, @arioki1, @hongshaoyang, @tofran, @stephenpapierski, @marcolussetti, @alopix, @iansearly, @TanZng
82- Fix connection error in case of audio/video call in Google Meet (getferdi/recipes#186) πŸ’– @Room4O4
83- Fix Wrike notification counter (getferdi/recipes#237) πŸ’– @mvdgun
84- Update recipe for element (getferdi/recipes#247) πŸ’– @fjl5
85- Add support for empty unread badges in WhatsApp (getferdi/recipes#236) πŸ’– @ruippeixotog
86- Add custom URLs for Jira (getferdi/recipes#217) πŸ’– @yann-soubeyrand
87- Fixing unread-counter for office365 (getferdi/recipes#229) πŸ’– @CrEaK
88- Mattermost: Fix badge for unread channels when in single team (getferdi/recipes#230) πŸ’– @CrEaK
89- Update Riot.im to Element.io (getferdi/recipes#235) πŸ’– @omove
90- Fix whatsapp fullscreen for different screen sizes (getferdi/recipes#216) πŸ’– @breuerfelix
91- Changed gmail getMessages to grab value next to Inbox πŸ’– @stephenpapierski
92- Fix Gmail getMessages produces wrong value πŸ’– @stephenpapierski
93- Update Hangouts Chat to display direct and indirect notifications (#306) πŸ’– @mahadevans87
94- Update user agent for OWA and Outlook (#302) πŸ’– @StormPooper
95- Updated Zoho icons πŸ’– @tofran
96- Spoof Chrome plugins for Skype πŸ’– @kris7t
97- More careful Gmail unread count detection πŸ’– @kris7t
98- Update Todoist notifications badge selector (#333) (#334) πŸ’– @rvisharma
99- Fix messages count for Fastmail (#335) (#336) πŸ’– @marcolussetti
100- Fix Zoho Mail πŸ’– @pointergr
101- Add notification count for Habitica πŸ’– @iansearly
103### Fixes
104- Fix Electron 9 crash on Windows 10 (#986) πŸ’– @mahadevans87
105- Patch getDisplayMedia for screen sharing in all services (#802)
106- Fix "Open folder" button on "Custom services" screen (#991)
108### Under the hood
109- Update to Electron 9
110- Remove Ferdi string from default user agent (#806) πŸ’– @dannyqiu
111- Add recipes packaging to development setup (#985)
112- Use imagemin to minify images (#1008) πŸ’– @vraravam
113- Disable Chromium's poor MPRIS implementation (#1023)
1# [5.6.0-beta.2](https://github.com/getferdi/ferdi/compare/v5.5.0...v5.6.0-beta.2) (2020-06-14) 115# [5.6.0-beta.2](https://github.com/getferdi/ferdi/compare/v5.5.0...v5.6.0-beta.2) (2020-06-14)
2 116
3### Features 117### Features