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* Ignore .md files from being packaged into the recipe archives (minor size gain).Libravatar Vijay A2021-07-06
* Removed minification of images since we no longer need binary image files.Libravatar Vijay A2021-07-06
* Removed references to png images since they were not being used anyways.Libravatar Vijay A2021-07-06
* Bypass hygiene check for git dirty state if running within a Docker container...Libravatar Vijay A2021-05-25
* Added check for verifying that the 'package.json' file has a versionLibravatar Vijay A2021-05-16
* Minify images using ImageOptim (lossless compression) (#326)Libravatar Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan2020-10-11
* Revert "Use imagemin to minify images (#323)"Libravatar Amine Mouafik2020-10-10
* Use imagemin to minify images (#323)Libravatar Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan2020-10-09
* Minify images using ImageOptim (lossless compression) (#313)Libravatar Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan2020-10-07
* Unpack recipes and update recipes icons (#292)Libravatar Bennett2020-09-22
* Add check to ensure SVG icon is a square (#161)Libravatar cybermoloch2020-09-19
* Add support for keeping the featured statusLibravatar vantezzen2020-06-03
* Fix for packaging not allowing numbers in recipe ids (#158)Libravatar cybermoloch2020-05-29
* Add create scriptLibravatar vantezzen2020-05-10
* Remove svg size check preventing repackagingLibravatar Amine Mouafik2020-04-19
* Switch from yarn to npmLibravatar vantezzen2020-04-16
* Improve recipe packaging scriptLibravatar vantezzen2020-04-15
* Add gh-load scriptLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-28
* Add sorting package list alphabeticallyLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-27
* Move archives into seperate sub-folderLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-23
* Let Promise errors crash the scriptLibravatar Bennett2020-03-12
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/getferdi/recipesLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-12
| * Fix github scriptLibravatar Jared2020-03-10
* | Fail verify-all script if there are errors during validationLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-12
* Revert to using the standart file comparison functionLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-08
* Revert debug changesLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-08
* Testing ingoring line endings and white spaces for TravisCILibravatar vantezzen2020-03-08
* Add diff reason to verify outputLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-08
* Fix file readLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-08
* Outputting file information to debug TravisCILibravatar vantezzen2020-03-08
* Logging difset to test TravisCILibravatar vantezzen2020-03-08
* Temporarily disable verify fail to test TravisCILibravatar vantezzen2020-03-08
* Ignore DS_Store files in scriptsLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-08
* Fix filename missing in log outputLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-08
* Add final output to verify-all scriptLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-06
* Add verify-all scriptLibravatar vantezzen2020-03-06
* Add load recipe scriptLibravatar vantezzen2020-02-02
* Add github scriptLibravatar vantezzen2020-01-14
* Fix update errorLibravatar Bennett2019-12-11
* Add update scriptLibravatar Bennett2019-12-11
* Add script to verify packagesLibravatar vantezzen2019-10-20
* Add packaging scriptLibravatar vantezzen2019-09-28