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* Fixed eslintrc as root for this folder; Reformatted all files.HEADmasterLibravatar Vijay A4 days
* Removed minification of images since we no longer need binary image files.Libravatar Vijay A2021-07-06
* Upgraded node modules to the latest versions.Libravatar Vijay A2021-05-26
* Missed 'prepare' step that enforces the installation of the git pre-commit hooksLibravatar Vijay A2021-05-17
* Adding husky pre-commit hookLibravatar Vijay A2021-05-16
* Added check for verifying that the 'package.json' file has a versionLibravatar Vijay A2021-05-16
* Reformat all files - including jsonLibravatar Vijay A2021-05-15
* Added missing hygiene stuff (#493)Libravatar Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan2021-05-11
* Upgraded nodejs to '14.16.1' (#482)Libravatar Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan2021-05-05
* Minify images (#480)Libravatar Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan2021-04-30
* Minify images using ImageOptim (lossless compression) (#326)Libravatar Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan2020-10-11
* Revert "Use imagemin to minify images (#323)"Libravatar Amine Mouafik2020-10-10
* Use imagemin to minify images (#323)Libravatar Vijay Raghavan Aravamudhan2020-10-09
* Unpack recipes and update recipes icons (#292)Libravatar Bennett2020-09-22