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* Upgraded nodejs to '14.17.3'Libravatar Vijay A2021-07-11
* Added new GH Actions workflow to welcome first time contributors. [skip ci]Libravatar Vijay A2021-06-23
* Removed the 'first-time-contributor' GH workflow due to a bug upstream.Libravatar Vijay A2021-06-08
* Converted from travis builds to GH ActionsLibravatar Vijay A2021-06-03
* Added extra T&C point for PR template while adding a new recipeLibravatar Vijay A2021-05-15
* Housekeeping: Fixed markdown rule violations.Libravatar Vijay A2021-05-15
* Remove [Recipe Request] from issue template titleLibravatar Amine Mouafik2020-10-20
* Add GitHub Sponsors to FUNDING.ymlLibravatar Amine Mouafik2020-10-18
* Update recipe_request.mdLibravatar Bennett2020-03-28
* Create config.ymlLibravatar Bennett2020-03-28
* Delete feature_request.mdLibravatar Bennett2020-03-28
* Remove unneeded workflowsLibravatar vantezzen2020-02-21
* Update recipe_request.mdLibravatar Bennett2020-01-23
* Add automatic updatingLibravatar Bennett2019-12-11
* Create FUNDING.ymlLibravatar Amine Mouafik2019-11-29
* Create recipe_request.mdLibravatar Bennett2019-10-17
* Add pull request templateLibravatar Bennett2019-09-28
* Update issue templatesLibravatar Bennett2019-09-28