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masterdocs: removed incorrect docs in GH action. [skip ci]Libravatar Vijay A25 hours
fix-api-accessalso fix privileged API access for googlemeetLibravatar Kristóf Marussy7 days
recipe-context-isolationUpdate all.json with contextIsolation recipesLibravatar Kristóf Marussy2 months
pleroma-instance-logoInstance logo for PleromaLibravatar Kristóf Marussy4 months
add-pleromaAdd Pleroma recipeLibravatar Kristóf Marussy4 months
dependabot/npm_and_yarn/is-svg-4.3.1Bump is-svg from 4.2.1 to 4.3.1Libravatar dependabot[bot]6 months
pr/188fix: Update request headers for Google drive recipeLibravatar Mahadevan Sreenivasan16 months
pr/169Package recipeLibravatar vantezzen16 months
pr/165Repackage notionLibravatar vantezzen17 months
pr/112RepackageLibravatar vantezzen17 months
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25 hoursdocs: removed incorrect docs in GH action. [skip ci]HEADmasterLibravatar Vijay A
3 daysfix: implement unread count badge for 'stackoverflow-chat'Libravatar Vijay A
3 daysfeature: allow services to delineate favorites vs non-favorites in unread countsLibravatar Vijay A
3 daysfix: updated 'skype' and 'discord' to properly relinquish 'win' object for im...Libravatar Vijay A
3 dayschore: added more verifications for recipe's package.jsonLibravatar Vijay A
4 daysfeature: Add new recipe for 'stackoverflow-chat'Libravatar Vijay A
5 dayschore: allow self-hosted option for kimai-cloud service.Libravatar Vijay A
5 daysfix: remove call to 'clearStorageData' so that MS Teams can remember login cr...Libravatar Vijay A
6 dayschore: removed 'first-time-contributors' GH workflow since that is not workin...Libravatar Vijay A
6 daysfix: Remove extra validation for serviceUrl for github since the url doesn't ...Libravatar Vijay A