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masterAdded new service: keybase.io (fixes #427)Libravatar Vijay A36 hours
pleroma-instance-logoInstance logo for PleromaLibravatar Kristóf Marussy3 weeks
add-pleromaAdd Pleroma recipeLibravatar Kristóf Marussy3 weeks
recipe-context-isolation[fastmail] Context isolation supportLibravatar Kristóf Marussy3 weeks
dependabot/npm_and_yarn/is-svg-4.3.1Bump is-svg from 4.2.1 to 4.3.1Libravatar dependabot[bot]3 months
pr/188fix: Update request headers for Google drive recipeLibravatar Mahadevan Sreenivasan13 months
pr/169Package recipeLibravatar vantezzen13 months
pr/165Repackage notionLibravatar vantezzen13 months
pr/112RepackageLibravatar vantezzen14 months
pr/109Repackage Jitsi recipeLibravatar vantezzen14 months
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36 hoursAdded new service: keybase.io (fixes #427)HEADmasterLibravatar Vijay A
40 hoursAdded new service: line.me (fixes #560)Libravatar Vijay A
9 daysBump glob-parent from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2Libravatar dependabot[bot]
11 daysAdded autogenerated file that was missed in previous PR pushLibravatar Vijay A
13 daysRemoved the 'first-time-contributor' GH workflow due to a bug upstream.Libravatar Vijay A
2021-06-05Fixed #1489: Steam links will now open in the external default browser.Libravatar Vijay A
2021-06-04Reverted '@electron/remote' changes since the badges were broken for whatsapp...Libravatar Vijay A
2021-06-03Converted from travis builds to GH ActionsLibravatar Vijay A
2021-06-03Added autogenerated file that was missed in previous PR pushLibravatar Vijay A
2021-05-30Instance logo for PleromaLibravatar Kristóf Marussy